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Brand Free World Essay

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United States of America

Sub: Regarding to CHANGE people’s mindset from Brand conscious to Quality conscious.

Dear Sir,

I am an avid admirer of you as you gave the most powerful slogan of THE CHANGE to mankind. Yours slogan has ignited spark of CHANGE around the globe and this spark has given me courage to write to you.

This change has to be reflected in every sphere of life and to me this CHANGE is to remove every obstacle in path of growth of mankind.

Sir, I am writing this mail to you as whole world seek guidance from America and if this change happened at America then it would reach to whole ...view middle of the document...

In India I am engaged in manufacturing of sewing machines. We manufacture sewing machines for top brands USHA and SINGER. Same machine we supply to these top brands is available for sale at shops for $ 30 of our own brand and same machine manufactured by our factory but traded by top brands is available for $50. People do not buy our brand machine for $30 but buy top brand machine for $50 because they want to buy better quality but in fact quality of our brand and top brand is same.

Now we need to see for what people pay when thy buy branded product. No.1 they pay for quality of product, no.2 they pay for royalty of brand.

I am sure in this times of recession there would be 90% of people who would like to buy quality product but would not like to sped on royalty of brand.

At this situation I think Lawmakers can save people from unwonted and unnecessary expenditure on royalty of brand.

Lawmakers have quality standards but they are not tagged on every product.

I mean to say that there can be two quality standards no.1:A (for top quality) no.2 B( for medium quality). Every product should must have tagged with this quality gradation apart from any brand. This quality gradation should be a mark of quality people looking for. If...

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