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Brand Loyalty Essay

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ISSN: 2308-7056 Gillani, Yousuf and Khan (2013)
The Effect of Brand Characteristics on Brand Loyalty
A Study of Cosmetics Products in Peshawar Pakistan
MBA Scholar City University of Science & I-T Peshawar Pakistan
MBA Scholar City University of Science & I-T Peshawar Pakistan
SHAHZAD KHAN Lecturer City University of Science & I-T Peshawar Pakistan
The core aim of this research study was to discover the key factors that can influence brand characteristics
on brand loyalty in cosmetics products in Peshawar Pakistan. There are ten major ...view middle of the document...

The marketing environment has turn out to be a very multifaceted and competitive one and day by day
marketing environment is shifting and developing gradually. Thus, it has become essential for business to
look for ways of gaining and maintaining brand loyalty by building consumer believes and to give an
individual identity to brand loyalty. Product quality and brand loyalty has become the objective of all
organizations. Organizations have realized with the intention of, when customers are loyal to their brand, it
provides the organization to develop increasingly without any disturbance and create a form of revenue in
return of increases in profits.
A very great saying "Companies that successfully develop loyal customers also develop brand ambassadors". True brand loyalty exists when customers have a high comparative approach towards a specific brand which can be exhibited through repurchase behavior. This kind of loyalty can be a huge
asset to the firm: "because customers are ready to pay higher prices and may charge less to the serve and carry new customers to the firm" (Reicheld & Sasser, 1990).
I June 2013
International Review of Basic and Applied Sciences Vol. 1 Issue.1

ISSN: 2308-7056 Gillani, Yousuf and Khan (2013)
A consumer purchases a product to accomplish his needs and has sure amount of expectations from the
cretin brand or expectations from the brand he buys. When he is able to assemble those perceived value
from the brand or expectations, he develops a belief and satisfaction towards the brand which is called
"Customer Satisfaction". "Customer satisfaction is a determinant of how products and services supplied by a company to meet or exceed customer expectation" (Farris et al 2012). Companies have begun to recognize that it is easier and more cost able to find ways to develop customer satisfaction and maintain
current customers instead of paying more attention to engaging new customers.
According to Lau et al; (2006) he mentioned in his editorial that there are numerous factors which
influenced consumers brand loyalty towards a particular brands. The factors are; brand name, product
quality, price, promotion and service-quality. These studies will significantly look at product quality as a
feature that influences brand loyalty and the degree to which the quality of a product make customers loyal
to that product or superficial quality refers to the consumer‟s value judgments or perceptions of quality. This could include idea of loveliness and the perceived quality of the brand image.
Cosmetics can be explained as care substances or essential and considerable things that enhance the
emergence and loveliness of human body or structure or we can say that cosmetic is "Projected to be useful to the human body for refining , beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or changing the appearance without
affecting the body & apposes structure or functions." Cosmetic are usually...

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