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Ch-2 emotions (pg 21-38)

“The success of our strategy depends on knowing the rational and emotional drivers that build customer loyalty for a brand.”

Emotions-primary and social – pg 22,23

Mittal affect choice model pg 24

The law of concern pg 25-27

Emotional response events which support or challenge our preferred sense of self

The law of apparent reality

The importance of seeing and feeling

The law of closure

Emotions tend to be absolute in their judgements

The law of the lightest load

The tendency to seek to minimize negative emotion

-conceptual model pg 28

Self focus----using own opinion more

-pg 32 underlined lines

-pg 33 low trust in ...view middle of the document...

Other common

shortcuts that people might take include counting the number of arguments (rather than scrutinising

them) presented in a message, or looking at the responses of other people who are exposed to the

same message as a cue to how most people respond. To this end, under the peripheral route, the

strength of the message arguments can be of little consequence to forming or changing attitudes.

Although these shortcuts do not involve thoughtful consideration of the content of a message, the

peripheral route can nevertheless be effective in leading to persuasive impacts on attitudes and

behaviour, at least in the short-term (Petty, Barden, et al., 2009).

An important goal of any persuasion strategy aimed at

achieving enduring change will therefore be to heighten people’s motivation to think about the

message by increasing its perceived personal relevance or employing other techniques to enhance

processing (e.g., framing arguments as questions) (Petty, Briñol, et al., 2009)

Petty, R. E., Barden, J., & Wheeler, S. C. (2009). The elaboration likelihood model persuasion:

Developing health promotions for sustained behavioral change. In R. J. DiClemente, R. A.

Crosby & M. C. Kegler (Eds.), Emerging theories in health promotion practice and research

(2nd ed., pp. 185-214). San Francisco: Josey-Bass.

Petty, R. E., Briñol, P., & Priester, J. R. (2009). Mass media attitude change: Implications of the

Elaboration Likelihood Model of persuasion. In J. Bryant & M. B. Oliver (Eds.), Media effects:

Advances in theory and research (3 ed., pp. 125-164). New York: Routledge.

Moore, Charlie. (2001, Fall). Elaboration Likelihood Model. Retrieved May 20, 2003

.: A cigarette brand can be associated with prestige feelings; it distinguishes itself from competing brands with project different feelings such as nature, freshness, manliness, enjoyment, etc

To give an example, we here report some emotional brand experiences, which are mediated in some common product fields by printed ads in German magazines

for alcoholic drinks:  (1) prestige, (2) tradition (3) companionship;

for tobacco and cigarettes: (1) enjoyment (2) self-confidence (3) activity

for cosmetics: (1) eroticism (2) nature and freshness (3) prestige

If a "neutral" brand name is repeatedly presented together with an emotional stimulus, the brand name will assume an emotional meaning.

In this way, the brand name receives the ability to release emotional reactions in the consumer. Instead of a brand name, one can also speak more generally of the symbolic representation of the brand in the advertisement (as in a picture, symbol, etc.).

This hypothesis refers to the model of associative learning. This is an abstract model which is compatible with various principles of learning. One of the learning principles which can be used for a more exact explanation of associated...

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