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Brand Research Gatorade Essay

1642 words - 7 pages

Grade Received - "A"

PART 1: Research Background

Research the selected brand using both its Web site and articles in the library’s full-text databases, and address the following:

What does the brand mean in today’s market?
How has it evolved over time?
What is the target market(s) for the brand? Has that changed from the past?
How is the competition positioned?
This section of the assignment requires the use of articles from the library’s full-text databases. Articles are found in periodicals. These are not to be confused with eBooks or reference books.

PART 2: Application

Marketing is not all serious research involving scholarly, statistical, and practitioner resources; ...view middle of the document...

Brand in today's market carries very high influence that some people will not purchase a product or service unless it is of a specific brand no matter how much better the other may be.
A brand is not only a product or service, but can also be used as a verb. The perfect examples would be, "Skype your family," "Google it," "Hoover the carpet," and "Photoshop that picture." Brands can guarantee quality, call forth a desire, will make people believe they belong.
The brand in today’s market
Gatorade means one thing and one thing only in today's market. What Gatorade means in today's market is that Gatorade is the ultimate sports drink and the ultimate "Thirst Quencher." When someone goes out to play a sport they have to be sure that they have their Gatorade ready to drink in order to replenish the liquid that they have lost playing that sport. Gatorade is built around the line as being a sports drink. Gatorade is a brand that is admired by many people within the United States and many sports athletes and clubs are associated with Gatorade.
The brand’s evolution
When it comes to the evolution of branding, if we think about it, branding was initially for cattle. It was a stamp of ownership. Brands were then later burned onto wooden cases. This will show a guarantee of good source and quality. During the 1950s, the brand of a product or service had to be the product or service themselves. During the 1960s and 70s, an emotional attachment became involved in their products and services. During the 1980s, the firm that was behind the brand ended up becoming the brand and during the 1990s, the brand became strong and iconic (Linstorm, 2005).
When it came to the evolution of Gatorade, they had to rethink the original form and come up with the G-Series. When speaking of form, it is the shape of the bottle. The shape of the bottle became slimmer and contemporary look. After the form, they had to rethink the original label and evolve it. They then began to think of different natural flavors for the G series of Gatorade and later came up with the G series Pro. They then began to conduct research on what to put on the sidelines in order to market their brand and professional gaming events. The research consisted of designs for coolers and water bottles. The evolution of Gatorade consisted of 38,963 files, 3.3528320312 terabytes, 48 press checks, 5389, phone calls, one near arrest and one two hundred dollar cab ride (
The brand’s target market: today and yesterday
The evolution of Gatorade comes to trying to reinvent the brand for teen athletes. They had to be sure that the brand was to become contemporary, cool, and hip with today's teen athletes. Also in the past of Gatorade, their target market has been mostly for individuals who play traditional, athletic sports. These traditional sports include baseball, football and basketball. They later began to target other individuals who are very athletic, who would not consider...

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