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Branding Nigeria Essay

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The fresh attempt to remand Nigeria

Nigeria we hail thee, our own dear native land!
Nigeria is at a crossroads again, as we are wont to find the country every now and oft. Fela Anikulapo-Kuti must have indeed chosen a wrong time to die, most because all the things he spoke and sang about, have, or are coming to pass. Now we all live to see what his prophesy is turning to.

The freshest of sundry attempts to ridicule our dear country Nigeria has just been unleashed. Now, we need to take our minds away from the fact that their supposed tripod stand that was to serve as platform for this exercise didn’t come with a third leg. Or could this just be another attempt to regrind Nigeria? If ...view middle of the document...

After all, to be great, you first must be good in whatever you are or in whatever you do. So what does the word GOOD, or goodness connote to the 100 Level student of English? Let’s consider it very quickly just as pedestrianly as the custodians of this exercise have also dished it to us, by taking a trip into the world of Encarta, one of the world’s most authoritative reference books. This is a treatment of difference, or with a difference; so please bear.

of high quality: of a high quality or standard, either on an absolute scale or in relation to another or others (The meal wasn't good; He'll make a very good doctor; I smashed one of my good plates ).
So, will someone please tell me the things we do that are of high quality? Those who have never left the shores of this country, and haven’t much to compare it with, still agree it is of inferior quality to most other countries of the world; let alone those who have visited some other countries, even if only Ghana or Namibia.
The government has deliberately ignored bringing the skills of a part of the country to the fore. If we can import cars and other goods from Malaysia and the rest of South East Asian nations, then Nigeria should have at least been at the same stage of development with them. Taiwan used to be synonymous with goods of inferior quality, just like all we consider Ibo-made, before they took the inferior to good quality. But the foresight and sincerity of the government and people of Taiwan made them continually strive to improve on them, buoyed by state resources. Today, Taiwan’s is a formidable economy, and destination for appreciable goods. Yet Nigeria gropes, trying to find only one thing to do well. It’s now so bad that in the age when auto technology has become free globally, we don’t have made-in-Nigeria bicycles, and our own currency is now inferior even to Ghana’s, Ghana!

skilled: possessing the necessary skill or talent to do something (I'm not a very good driver; She's good at science).
How many people are qualified to do the job they are doing, and how many are actually engaged doing what they are trained to do? Alpha Merchant Bank was run aground by a pretender who never went beyond high school, but sweet-tongued a Board of Directors into becoming the MD when Banking/Finance/Accounting graduates littered our landscape. Isn’t it also a calamity that Nigeria’s largest Insurance conglomerate is unfortunately also being run by a trained lawyer?!

virtuous: having or showing an upright and virtuous character (You're a good man, Joe).
How many good men do we have in government, as chieftaincy title holders, as Pastors and Imams, as scholars or as holders of public office? How many privileged people have been successfully prosecuted for thieving? Was it not also in this Great Country that a crook governor was celebrated by his people for escaping justice abroad? That a ruling party chieftain swam out of Port waters in spite of weighty evidence of...

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