Branding & Social Media Marketing At Grand Hyatt Muscat Hotel

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1 Brief Overview of Omran (Oman Tourism Development Company) |
|11 |3.2 Theory in assessing the work environment for creativity |
|12 |3.3 Assessing Omran’s Creative Climate through Applying Amabile’s KEYS Concept |
|12 |3.3.1 Encouragement of Creativity |
|12 | Organizational Encouragement |
|13 | Supervisory Encouragement |
|14 | Work group Supports |
|15 |3.3.2 Freedom |
|15 |3.3.3 Resources |
|16 |3.3.4 Pressure: |
|16 | Challenging Work |
|17 | Workload Pressure |
|17 |3.3.5 Organizational Impediments to Creativity |
|18 |3.4 Analysis Outcome |
|19 |3.5 Linking Creativity with Leadership |
|19 |3.6 Linking Creativity with HRM |
|20 |3.7 Recommendations |
|21 |3.8 References |

1- Introduction

Long time back I faced a question in one of my job interviews if I was a creative person or not?, and to be honest I thought that a creative person is the one who brings new ideas only. I was well prepared to answer any related technical question but the interviewers surprised me with that question I was not prepared to answer it, however, I told them "Yes, I am a creative person" and I started to...

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