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Brands Choice Essay

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Branded Packaged foods have become famous in the Indian markets and retail general stores supply these products with sealed aluminium laminates. Ready-To-Eat (RTE) snacks and food reached a US $ 5 billion market in the year 2009. Ready to Eat Foods do not require any cooking and can be consumed by just putting the packet in boiling water or in the microwave for a few seconds. That is “Just Heat and Eat”. With the expansion of the retail markets in India the demand and popularity of RTE foods are on a rise. Through our study we wanted to determine the factors which affect the purchase decision of Indian consumers of RTE foods. We also wanted to understand the consumption patterns ...view middle of the document...

However despite our seemingly constant exposure to food, we have remarkable difficulty in discerning one taste from another with just our taste buds (Elder and Krishna, 2010). This choice has become even more difficult after the introduction of varieties of RTE food products. With rapid urbanisation and change in socio-economic status in India, there has been an increase in demand for convenience RTE food products.

Life in big cities of India has changed rapidly with increase in the disposable income. People often associate consumption related behaviours with the affective state (sad versus happy) they are experiencing. This has motivated many supermarkets to introduce variety of RTE items in Indian markets. Some of the typical RTE Indian meal components include Indian breads, pulaos, cereals, vegetables, lentils (dals), dosas, idlis, fish, chicken and mutton curries and many more dishes have started appearing in Indian markets. Indian consumers are looking for high quality packaged food products that are safe and healthy to use. India is facing intense competition with different brands of packaged food products available in its markets like Haldiram, MTR, Aashirvaad, Kitchens of India to name a few.

Most RTE foods come in a flexible plastic packaging known as retort pouches. The retort...

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