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Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is a book full of meaning and purpose. Even though it was written in 1932 and wasn’t completely accepted at the time, today people accept it as a work of written genius.
The book starts off as telling of mans destiny in the future. It is so far into the future that it isn’t even on the time scale of BC or AD, it is AF. There are no parents, no relatives, and no family history. Children are test tube babies in which they are grown and “born” in a building and live there and learn until they are old enough to leave and live their own lives. The babies are categorized as Alpha’s, Beta’s, Gamma’s, Delta’s and Epsilons. Alpha’s and Beta’s are high class while Gamma’s Delta’s and Epsilon’s are low class and work at factory like places. The people work to make the babies ...view middle of the document...

This is one reason why the book wasn’t liked.
The way Huxley started with the characters Bernard and Lenina made it seem like something big was going to happen to them at the end. Bernard was kind of a rebel from his society by not wanting to take soma and have sex with a different girl every night. And Lenina was the girl of Bernard’s fancy, who he wanted to be with, but Lenina agreed with the consumption of soma and having sex all the time.
When Bernard and Lenina went to New Mexico for a holiday, they met some Indians or “savages”. But for some odd reason they met two English or “civilized” people there. A woman was left there by a man who was now England’s Director, and she got pregnant with his baby, John, who had a tormented childhood from the Indian children for his race and his mother who still lived with the civilized idea of casual sex, which the Indians did not.
Bernard brought the two people; John and Linda back home to England with him and instantly became a celebrity for having the Savage AKA John. Nobody in English civilization knew someone who had a mother or father and it was like a freak show to them. Since Bernard was becoming rather popular with everyone because of his new acquaintance, he now agreed with their ways of soma and casual sex. But once the Savage didn’t want to go so everyone could see him, everyone became hateful towards Bernard and he turned back to his old ways, but still was friends with the Savage.
The Savage didn’t like the civilized way of life so he decided to go off and live on his own. He would whip himself, and the “civilized” people came to watch, and told him to keep doing it! This led to his suicide.
Brave New World was an excellent novel, one I would read again and again. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that has an open mind that I feel would enjoy the book too.

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