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1. In BNW, the major event that precipitates the plot is Lenina’s and Bernard’s trip to the Savage Restoration. In their trip in to the Savage Restoration, Lenina and Bernard meet two savages, who actually aren’t savages, but people of the New World Order. The mother and son both whom both pique the interest of Lenina and John – for vastly different reasons – are brought into the new, civilized world.
2. Major and Minor characters of BNW:
* Bernard Mark: Bernard Mark is an alpha plus with a twist – his physique is severely stunted. He appears to have the build of a Delta or an Epsilon. Due to his physical defection, he feels alienated from everyone and starts to develop an issue with ...view middle of the document...

When she came back to the New World and the Director saw her, he resigned.
* DHC: The Director is man who abides strongly by the code and is very strict with everyone. He oversees the birthing process in the European branch until he resigned. He resigned due to Linda’s existence potentially being able to forsake him for the rest of his life.
* Mustapha Mond: Is a World Controller and was once a man of Science. He, just like some others in the New World would research stuff and was caught. He was given the opportunity to be a scientist and deported to Iceland or be a WC.
3. In BNW all of the characters are equally characterized by their actions and internal thoughts. Through their internal thoughts we learn about how the characters feel and why they feel a certain way. Their actions, which speak as loud as their internal thoughts, shows us what kind of people they are, for example: what hypnotic phrases they repeat most, how their body language expresses their words, what will and will not do, what they wear, etc.
4. Themes:
* Technological Control – A strong and stressed theme in BNW is the progression of technology and how it controls the denizens of the New World. Through the B-Process, the WC are able to produce humans that meet the exact physical criteria they find necessary for the New World to thrive in flawlessly. The next step, which is complimented by the B-Process, is hypnopaedic sleep learning and conditioning. Hypnopaedic conditioning controls the actions and beliefs of most of the people in the New World. For example, those who are lacking in height and build are treated lowly and are less valuable than those are who not, you must always buy new things, or that copulation is a fun pass time. Soma is another way of controlling people. Whenever they are feeling unsatisfactory with life, they take a tablet of Soma and go on a euphoric high makes them incredibly happy with everything.
* Consumer Market Economy – The type of economy that’s present in BNW is a Command Economy where everything is preset by the WC. Everyone’s jobs are given to them based on what the WC wants them to have, and everything consumed by the people is also planned (so to speak). The WCs force everyone to always purchase what has been broken so as to create high demand in the jobs that is fulfilled by someone in the world who make everything in this world. It’s an endless and vicious cycle that really shows that a good and strong economy is necessary for an utterly stable society.
* Pneumatic: The word is commonly seen throughout the works that can describe anything in the New World, such as: A sofa in a living room, Lenina’s body, or even some stalls. To me, the usage of the word pneumatic indicates two things: how small the act of sex has become in the world where it is highly common to do it with anyone. The other idea that it implies to me is how truly dull the people in the New World are. Lenina and several...

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