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Breach Analysis

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“Operation Get Rich or Die Tryin’ Case Study Report
The impact to the organizations involved is very large and can be catastrophic if they are not quick to respond to the security breach in their network fast, in a few different ways. A company needs to be very proactive here and have a well-planned out security plan in place along with a security breach plan and response in place and the right people from within the company and outside the company to help with a proper response. The first and fastest response needs to be to the public or their customers making them aware of what happened and what is known so far, and when there will be an update to the situation with more details of the breach as to ...view middle of the document...

Today you have to look at security as not “if” you will have a security issue, but “when” you will have it. You still need to do all you can to prevent an attack but you also need to be prepared for when one actually happens because you know it will sooner or later. I think they left themselves vulnerable to attack in a few ways. It seems they didn’t have an updated security plan in place where they audit the networks traffic and make sure network security measures are up-to-date, encryption of the data being transferred is the highest level and even all the way down to employee awareness programs and reviews. This all begins with a strong information security policy and regular reviews of your network and policy by an outside IT security professional who can look for entry points and view system logs and find weaknesses in the network that can come about with a simple update with a certain type of software that has a vulnerability not detected in the code possibly. The attack can come from many different places so it best to know how to respond before an attack with good security and be prepared for when an actual act does happen by a quick and proper response from the company attacked.

Ellyne Phneah: Chron June 11, 2012
Nicole Long: Demand Media
Security Breach Notification laws

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