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Break Ups Essay

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Bad break ups
Roughly breaking up with someone can have debilitating effects on that person. In
the most extreme cases, it has led to suicide, stalking, and even murder. While the
following methods are not guaranteed to always work, it will help the people who
aren’t sure how to break up with someone without completely destroying that person’s
heart. In fact there are multiple ways to end a relationship without either person suffering
greatly or feeling bad about how it ended. By following a few easy steps you can be well on
your way to being single again.
First, you’ll want to know everything there is to know about your partner. The more
you know about your partner the ...view middle of the document...

Let’s say
that Mary decided to break up with Bob in the middle of a fancy restaurant after he tells her
about his rough day. Not only would Bob be totally embarrassed, but also heart broken and
angry. Most guys when put in a situation like that would try to defend their pride by saying
something like “I didn’t need you anyway”, but on the interior you might have destroyed
him. However, this does not only apply to men. Women can feel even worse than the men
do because their hormones usually make them more emotional than men. Some men can
actually mean what they say, but this could lead to emotional scars making them less likely
to trust or fall in love with women. For those who aren’t as strong they may start
threatening the woman because they don’t have anyone else to take out their frustration on.
Picking a place and time carefully will save you a lot of trouble in the future.
Finally, choosing the words you use to break up with someone is the most important
step in this process. For some people saying “we’re through” and walking away may work
perfectly fine, but it will make...

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