Breaking Down Barriers Essay

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The term “Breaking down barriers” means to appose a rule or restriction set up by society or to overcome a personal limitation. These ideas are explored in the allegorical film Pleasantville directed by Gary Ross and we are represented the device of the 1950’s sitcom through symbolic codes, colour and camera angles. Martin Luther-King chose to break down barriers in his speech during the March on Washington for jobs and freedom through figurative language, anaphora, imagery and tone.

The device on the 1950’s sitcom informs the audience of the significant barriers which can exist in a society. The 1950’s were known to be insular and conservative, so that Ross can show what can happen in a society which is so strictly regulated. One example of this is the ‘code of conduct.’ Bill and Bud’s passive protest with the brightly coloured mural and the ...view middle of the document...

After he confides in Bud that he ‘ really likes painting the windows at Chirstmas.’ Bud shows him the Book of Art. This book symbolically represents the catalyst for Bill to transform into an artist. His facial expressions whilst during the pages imply that he has found.

Colour is the predominant technique used in Pleasantville to represent the contrast that occurs when barriers are broken down. In the 1950’s television eas in black and white. Everything in Pleasantville was clearly understand; everything was either black or white. Colours show the belongings. ‘we should be in colour.’ this visual technique of colour suggests that Mary Sue and Bud do not belong in Pleasantville. The first person who saw colour ‘red’ is Skip, after his date with Mary Sue. Red is accepted to indicate changes in the residents’ attitudes to love. As the more new things appeared in citizens’ sight, they become more happier. The colour that the townspeople gain represents the ability of them to think freely and break away form the conformist town.

In Martin Luther-King’s speech ‘I have a dream’ he encourages people to break down the barrierof inequality. ‘I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin.’ He’s main idea of the speech is to promote equality between people of all colour and ‘all men are created equal.’ He uses repetition to reinforce another main idea break down barriers of freedom. ‘let freedom ring’ and ‘free at last.’

Gary Ross and Martin Luther-King both use different techniques represented break down barriers in either film or speech. The society if for all kinds of people not only the white ones. Coloured people are created equal should have same rights to have same opportunities and freedom and all white and coloured people will be able to stay together as brothers and sisters. Colour is no longer a barrier in communities. Texts like these are effective in representing these societal issues, so that others too will break down barriers if they arise.

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