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"Breaking Through Your Filter" Analyzing An Ad On Fhm(2004 October) Using The Fifteen Appeals Of Advertisement By Jib Fowles. Http://Portablevideo.Engadget.Com/Entry/3475149847314683/

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Recently, I was briefing through FHM and I came to a page with an ad that showed a young man sitting in a bar. As he exchanges glances with an erotically attractive woman holding a glass of red wine, a text in the middle read: "Your refined movie collection just paid off." Surprisingly, the ad was not about wine, nor the clothes the woman was wearing, but a small digital object on the table where the young man was sitting. On the bottom a big text of the product's name "iRiver" with the slogan "the future of entertainment" appeared. After speculating about some subtle elements in the ad, I turned to the next page, for I was an effective defender against the furious effort that ad companies ...view middle of the document...

The problems stated by the presentation in my English Composition class were very valid. After all, the ad does have defects and weaknesses. The group claimed that the girl bereaved too much attention from the actual product. This is logical because people that buy FHM are usually males who are interested in viewing attractive girls. They indicated that the reader would, when flipping to the page, admire the beauty of the girl for a few seconds and turn to the next page without knowing what the product is. In supplement to the girl who encroaches half of the page, the actual iRiver PMP(Portable Media Player) is in a tiny side of the page, smaller than one of the girl's breasts. Making matters worse, there are only a few words in describing the actual product, suggesting the reader to go online for more information. As a result, it is normal for one to find the ad inefficient at introducing the object, let alone making it appeasing.However, is the ad really that awful? A chart by Guerillascope, a company that specializes in television planning and implementation, shows that it costs about $22,782 to put an ad into FHM. Judging from the 2,410,000 search results on, iRiver is not so small a small company that is unable to afford good ad makers. There has to be a satisfactory reason why a big company like iRiver would spend so much money to use an ad that seems so erroneous to convince the reader to buy a $500 product. In fact, the ad actually elicits very clever methods that produce many subconscious reactions in readers.The ad's first task is to draw attention. No matter how great the product, nothing can sell if the ad is simply been viewed as "one of the few hundred." One has to first look at the ad before anything else can be considered. Consequently, a big portion of the page is designed mainly to attract the reader to look at it. It does this by showing Jenna Jameson, a porn star, as a main focus of the page. An attractive woman taking up half the page does tend to catch the eye of a fully developed male more than most beautiful and interesting things. Furthermore, the page mostly consists of black, dark red, and purple. These colors suggest a mysterious or even seductive atmosphere, giving the reader some kind of "dark pleasure" that he/she might be unaware of when viewing the page. In addition, the ad also strategically places itself next to a white page. The effect of this is powerful because when the reader opens the page, he/she is immediately distracted by the mysterious and seductive colors on the right. With these effects, the ad does a notable job at grabbing attention.After having the attention of the reader with a significant sacrifice of space, the next task is to direct the focus to the actual iRiver PMP. The ad maker is assumed to be aware of the negative effects having such a small sized object on the ad; however, he still puts it there as one of the smallest objects in the page. This is no accident. The maker's keen...

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