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Breast Cancer: The Fight In Men And Women

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Breast Cancer: The Fight in Men and Women

Cancer is made up of many diseases. There are over 100 different types of cancers. Cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells split without control and intrude the likes of other tissues. Cancer cells normally spread to other areas of the body through the blood and lymph system. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the United States when it is referred to women. Breast cancer also can be found in men. It is said to be a rare occurrence, but it is a growing problem among the male species. Breast cancer has many risk factors that can play a huge part in the wake of this disease. There are several different tests that can ...view middle of the document...

However, when the reproduction process goes wrong, cells can become damaged or the reproduction process changes, this causes extra unwanted cells to form a mass of the tissues called tumors. Tumors can be benign or malignant; not all tumors are cancerous. Benign tumors are not cancerous, can be removed, do not spread, and do not resurface. On the other hand malignant tumors are cancerous and may spread from one part of the body to another.
Ductal carcinoma is the most common type of male breast cancer. Nearly all male breast cancers begin in the milk ducts. A man’s breast duct cell can undergo cancerous changes but because they have a lower level of female hormones, breast cancer is less common in men. In some cases, breast cancer can form in the milk ducts and spread to the nipple, causing crusty, scaly skin around the nipple. This is called Paget's disease of the nipple. There is also a very rare but aggressive breast cancer called inflammatory breast cancer. It makes the breast swollen, red, warm and tender. While not forming a lump it is can be often confused with an infection of the breast. (Mayo Clinic, 2013) [This paragraph is a little short; you might have developed your ideas more fully here]

Up until this day it is not clear what causes breast cancer in men or women. Male breast cancer occurs when some breast cells grow abnormally. These cells break up more rapidly than healthy cells do. The escalating cells form a tumor that may circulate to nearby tissues, the lymph nodes or to other parts of the body. Everyone is born with a small amount of breast tissue. Breast tissue is made up of milk-producing glands, ducts that carry milk to the nipples and fat. Women begin developing more breast tissue during puberty, but men do not. Because men are born with a small amount of breast tissue, they can develop breast cancer.
The most common breast disorder found in men is gynecomastia. Gynecomastia can be described as a button-like growth under the nipple and areola. In some men, gynecomastia can appear to look like miniature breasts. Teenage boys are more likely to develop gynecomastia because of the hormone changes of the body during the adolescence stage. Older men may become affected because of the change in their hormone balance. There are also some medications that can cause gynecomastia. Men who are being treated for ulcers, heartburn, high blood pressure, and heart disease should consult their doctors’ to distinguish any medications that can trigger this condition.
There is much alikeness between breast cancer in men and women, but there are some important differences that contribute to early detection. Breast size is the main and most obvious difference. Because male and female breast sizes are extremely incomparable, it is easier for men to feel a small mass and consult a health care professional. Lack of awareness is another difference between men and women. Women are more apprehensive about this disease; therefore, they tend...

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