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Brgy Computerized Record Keeping System Essay

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Technology is defined as any tool, device, program or system that when applied to work environment will increase productivity, creativity and efficiency. Technology is now a big part of our society. Our society depends on technology. It has replaced a lot of old technology that made tasks easier. Nowadays many people depends on technology. People use it for banks, restaurants, factories, offices, stores and even to hold databases of government information. People use technology to improve their ability to do work. Technology allows them to make more and better products. Generally, every new technology is a step forward for speed and productivity. And due to ...view middle of the document...

An information system offers a litany of benefits that help to make the process of managing information easier. An effective information system can have a major impact on corporate strategy and organizational success. This impact can benefit the organization, users of the information system, and any individual or group who will interact with the information system. An information system goes beyond just having an information source, like a database; it helps you access the information you need and use it in the most effective way. Such a system should be very complete, using all the data that a company needs, and enable fast action.
Information system is now an essential need in individuals and companies for a better and organized system. Without information technology a lot of work will be still sluggish. And with both technology and information system it gives great impact in the world by making things easier.
Record keeping is an aspect of information system. Some of the examples of types of information maintained in these systems would be accounting, financial, manufacturing, marketing, and human resources. An information system can serve as a library. When properly collected, organized its stored data becomes accessible to those who need the information.
Barangay is a term coined for small administrative division in the Philippines, and it is also the native Filipino term for a village or district. A barangay is subdivided into small areas called purok. A barangay is led and governed by local officials that are elected. It is composed of a Punong Barangay or also known as Barangay Captain/Chairman and seven Barangay Councilors or also called Barangay Kagawad.
Barangay Bunlo is a small barangay located in the municipality of Bocaue, Province of Bulacan. Bunlo’s barangay hall is situated along the Mac Arthur Highway. In addition, population of the barangay Bunlo is 5,253 and the current chairman of the barangay is Honorable Barangay Captain Robinson Del Rosario.
The Barangay is in charge in giving services like issuing of barangay clearance, barangay business clearance, indigency certificate, community tax certificate and other local government transactions..
Barangay Bunlo still uses a manual record keeping and monitoring that gives them some problems. These are some problems in manual record keeping and monitoring. Slow retrieval of record. Manual record keeping is less organized. And lack of security since files is stored in logbooks it is freely available to anyone, if information falls into the wrong hands it can be manipulated the records that can cause problems.

2. SYSTEM OVERVIEW (Existing System)
The system that the barangay currently use is a manual-based process for all the services it gives to its constituents.
For the blotter they manually record the blotter files by using of log book. The barangay secretary is...

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