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Bridge To Wisemans Cove Essay

1362 words - 6 pages

Chapters 1-11

Kerry. Chapter 1.

In this chapter we are introduced to the Matt family. 3 kids, Sarah 19, Carl 15 and Harley 9. Their mother is Kerry. She been married 3 times and each child has a different father.

Kerry did not handle things well and would disappear sometimes for days on end, the kids called it “Mums holiday”. Carl is described as very big and overweight He is self conscience about this.

Harley is out on his bike all the time. Kerry disappears again. Sarah looked after her 2 younger brothers and worked in a travel agency.

Sarah. Chapter 2.

Kerry has been gone for 2 months. Sarah is selling all the furniture in the house. Carl knows something is wrong ...view middle of the document...

They had tinned spaghetti on toast for dinner. Beryl asked about her sister Kerry and remarked that this was the longest she had ever been away. She told the boys they would have to pull their weight.

Wattle Beach Chapter 4.

Late December and very hot. Harley takes off early on his bike. Carl checks out the town. Lots of holiday makers. Carl sees a girl he likes and follows her to the beach. He watches the girl and her friend and gets badly sun burnt.

Harley. Chapter 5.

Carl suffers from his sunburn and can’t take his mind off the girl. The next day he puts on sunscreen and goes looking for her. Local policeman tells Carl that Harley has been stealing from a local shop. They find him and Harley is given a warning. He was stealing chips and things to try and impress some kids he had met. He wants to know when his mum is coming back and starts crying.

Beryl is at the bowls club playing the pokies. The policeman confronts her there and tells her about Harley. Beryl takes it out on Carl and says she can’t afford to pay any fines so Carl gives her most of the money he got from Sarah. Beryl is trying to make him feel guilty because she is keeping them and feeding them.

The Café. Chapter 6.

Carl waits at the bus stop each day hoping his mother is one of the passengers. His time is now spent looking out for Harley and looking for the girl from the beach.

He finds her at a local Café with her friend Justine. He does not know her name yet. She has a boyfriend, Nathan, who is all over her in the café. He gets up to leave and trips over a chair. The group all laugh at him. He heads to beryl’s house.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Chapter 7.

Beryl is upset that Sarah has not returned by Christmas. Carl buys Beryl a coffee plunger from a second-hand stall. Beryl likes her gift and gives the boys $20 each. Nathan turns out to be Bruce’s brother. The boys are left alone on New Years Eve. Beryl starts picking on Carl for being a bit of a loner; she keeps ringing looking for Sarah. There is a bonfire on the beach and a party at the surf club. Harley is at the fire and Carl goes to the surf club. He sees the girl and her friend. Nathan and his mates have got her drunk. He finds out her name is Maddie and he carries her to Justine’s house to sleep it off. She throws up all over him. He goes back to the bonfire but can’t stop thinking about the girl.

Birds of Prey. Chapter 8.

Carl did not swim much; he was ashamed of how he looked. 4 wheel drive vehicles used the...

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