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Brief Description Of Child: Essay

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Brief description of child:
Child A is average heighted for her age . She is a one race child, her family background being of Asian. Child produces work that shows that she is an average student. She tries hard in class, but she is very shy. She seems to be a very quiet student but she talks more around her friends and people she has known for a long time. She enjoys pop music by one direction and Taylor Swift. Her hobbies are painting her nails and doing maths. She appears not to have any allergies or dietary restrictions noted.
Aim of Observation: To help Child A to talk more to people she does not know well and project her voice and build social skills.
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Interpretation of Observation:
She worked well in drawing picture but she sometimes feel shy in front of new people and when she is encouraged she seems to listen and put a lot of effort in. When she was asked questions in her favourite subject she projected her voice and answered suddenly.
Links to *child development/*EFYS/*ECM/*National Curriculum/developmental norm or milestones/*theorist:
Child A is working at Key Stage 2 at Level 6, which is absolutely exceptional for her age according to the national curriculum.
Jerome Bruner believed that adults should scaffold children’s learning; that is, that we engage children in various levels of play that challenges them and develops their thinking and problem-solving skills in an environment that affords them a structure that supports them as they work through the difficult parts yet at the same time, provides them with tactics to achieve their goal. Thus, the activities I have proposed such as learning parts of the body to music or using the sand funnel to generate interest in different sizes and shapes of wheels helps to further extend the learning and development of Child A as well as other children in the setting.
Evaluation: As a learning support practitioner, I understand that...

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