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Brief Science Lesson Plans:

Day 1: Vertebrates and Invertebrates – I will be introducing the students to these two groups and this will lead into the lessons on each animal group.

Day 2: Animal groups: This will entail a lesson on the six animal kingdoms: Reptiles, fish, amphibians, birds, insects and mammals.

Day 3: Animal Classifications: This will be a follow up from last day where I introduced them to the five groups, on this day instead I will give them different characteristics that characterize each group.

Day 4: Life Cycles: This will deal with the different cycles each animal group has to go through.

Day 5: Metamorphosis: Another lead in from the Life cycles lesson.
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They should be able to classify characteristics of animals and plants by using the senses (eg. texture, colour, size, sound, etc.). They should also known how to describe the different ways in which animals move to meet their needs and they should be able to compare the common characteristics between animals and humans (egs. in hair and eye colour).

Motivator (Exploratory Activity): I will introduce this lesson by reading them a story called Benny’s Animals and how he Put them in Order by Selsam, Millicent Ellis. This should introduce them to a lesson on how to start classifying things, specifically animals. Here there will be a greater emphasis placed on the vertebrates and invertebrates, which lead to looking at the five different animal kingdoms. Before I get into the animal groups, I will ask the students to stand up – as part of my exploratory activity – and I will tell them to get into groups based on different characteristics they possess and different pieces of clothing they have on that day. (Ie. those with blue sweaters will group as one, those with brown hair will be a group, etc.) This will start teaching them about the art of classification and will lead into the main lesson of grouping the animals.

Lesson Overview: I will have chart paper up on the board. On the chart paper I will have written the five main animal kingdoms with a picture of each animal beside it to help the students visualize which animals belong to each group. Before starting the lesson, I will ask the students to cut out from magazines – which I will provide for them – pictures of animals. I will ask each student to show me their pictures and ask them to tape it on the chart paper under whatever group their animal belongs to. Throughout this procedure I will be asking the students if they see any common characteristics between the animals in the different groups, this will lead into our next lesson on animal classification so it will be a good review. I will also be answering any questions that the students may have that deal with the six major animal kingdoms.

Key Questions: The questions that I could ask myself during this lesson in order to make it run smoothly could be: How can I show my students the difference between the six groups and why are animals classified in different groups and not just put in one big grouping.
Evaluation: I will give my students a handout with pictures of different animals and a blank space next to each one. It will be up to the students to fill out each space with the proper animal name (ie. mammal, fish, amphibian, etc). My evaluation will be based on the students being able to properly classify the animals on the handout and placing them in their proper groups.

Enrichment: In my classroom I will have a classroom library set up with books about different animals. For those enrichment students that finish before the rest of the class, I will ask them to get a book and read it and start acquainting...

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