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British Airways Corporate Communications Essay

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Executive Summary

British Airways is the largest International Airline in the UK with more than 400,000
employees and operates in over 75 countries.

The communications strategy for British Airways is complex and needs to address:
Internal Communications (Employees)
UK and Worldwide
Customer communications
Promotion and advertising
Crisis Management
Media Communications
Shareholders and investors
Government and regulator

A co-ordinated strategy is vital as if communications in one of these areas fail the others
will be affected.

British Airways objective is to put the customer first and provide excellent customer
service. To do this it is ...view middle of the document...

Although the company has created an integrated communications strategy it is
important to get feedback from both staff and customers. It is recommended that

regular employee satisfaction surveys and customer satisfaction surveys are conducted.

British Airways Corporate Communications

British Airways is the largest international airline in the UK. Their target, according to
their mission statement is to be the ‘undisputed leader in world travel.’ They pride
themselves in customer relationship and services; often using the slogan ‘more than
an airline.’ Their mission statement claims British Airways strives to set the industry
standards in customer services

British Airways have 5 objectives:


Be the airline of choice for long haul premium customers
Deliver an outstanding service for customers at every touch point
Grow their presence in key global cities
Build on their leading position in London
Meet their customers needs and improve margins through new revenue streams

There is a clear focus on customer service in their mission statement and objectives.
They are not a budget airline, such as Easy jet or Ryanair, so in order to progress they
need to focus on their customers’ experience. In order to help achieve a better standard
of customer satisfaction it is necessary to have a good communication strategy in place.

British Airways has a complex communications structure. It is necessary to
communicate effectively on many levels, with customers on an international basis,
employees, government, media and shareholders. Airlines also need a strategy to
deal with crisis management. Three areas, management communication, marketing
communication and organisational communication need to be integrated within the
corporate strategy.

British Airways has a pyramid structure and is split into three areas all reporting to the
Chief Executive. The company could benefit from including a chain network to ensure
the three areas of communication are linked.

Internal Communications

Like other companies that provide services, the staff are crucial in maintaining an
organisations image. In order to operate in the most efficient way communication with
and between all staff members is vital. The staff need to obtain the correct information
and feel valued. British Airways have more than 40,000 employees operating in more
than 75 countries and this makes efficient internal communications very challenging.
As the airline operates all over the world with long haul flights throughout the day, it is
important that effective communication is in place 24 hours a day. The language and
customs in other countries make it particularly difficult.

British Airways have good communication channels between the Chief Executive and
the 200 senior managers employed by the company. They meet eight times a year. This
is more often than most companies of this size, and enables senior management to

keep up to...

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