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British Colonization Of North America Essay

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Elvy Ayala (20292425)
Dr. Alfonso R. Lopez
American Heritage I 2313.01
Summer I 2015
June 19, 2015

Religious Utopias and Movements in the British Colonization of North America (New England)
In the 1500s bigotry between religious believes was prevalent. These clashes between faiths led to new ideals and therefore the creation of Religious Utopias emerged in North America along with Europe’s own Protestant Reformation. Religious groups with different ideas preached about salvation, which was the main concern to society at the time, the goal to go to heaven. In this journey to find a perfect union with God and attain grace Europeans ...view middle of the document...

Scripts were transferred from Greek to Latin. The original language of the Catholic Church was Latin therefore, the Bible and Church Masses were held in Latin; however, only about 50% of the population understood the readings. By the years 800 A.D. – 900 A.D. there was a decrease in the knowledge of the Latin language, now only 30% of the population knew the language and that was primarily the priests and administrators of the Roman Catholic Church. Latin was becoming extinct. Due to this problem people didn’t really understand the masses, and if they wanted to know the meaning of each mass they had to consult the priests or the few people that knew the language and rely on their knowledge.
Emperor Charlemagne idealized over a Holy Roman Empire. As a follower of the Catholic Faith, Charlemagne’s goal was to Christianize Europe. Charlemagne made an agreement with the Pope. As a result of this alliance, Charlemagne was the first emperor to be crowned by the Pope; he basically married the Roman Catholic Church. After this no independent monarch was allowed: all rulers needed to have the Pope’s blessing. The Church became involved in political issues regarding the empire. All rulers now need to endorse the Catholic Faith. Political legitimacy needed to come from the Church itself. The Pope starts demanding money and starts collecting taxes, which drastically upsets the populous to rebel against the church.
The genesis of upheaval in Europe revolving around religion was due to inconsistencies within the Roman Catholic Church. The Church started to sell indulgences, which were a ticket to heaven. If you bought an indulgence you attained forgiveness for all your sins. Many people saw this as corrupt, since people could now do what they want and still get forgiven for all their sins committed by just buying an indulgence. The church wanted to mask this by stating that indulgences were “charity” to the church, however only the rich could buy them. Everyone became obsessed with the issue of salvation. People now bought their way to heaven and passed the responsibility of praying for their souls to the priests.
A great attribution to the Protestant Reformation was Guttenberg’s invention of the Printing Press which was created in Germany. This invention made it possible for books to printed with a greater facility. The Bible became accessible for the common people and later became translated into their native language, which was German. Everyone that now read the Bible in the language they understood could make interpretations of their own into what the Bible’s true message was. People formed their religious ideas from their own perspective. Thus, the Information Age began.
Martin Luther, a German priest, criticized the idea of selling indulgences, and therefore, started raising questions. He couldn’t understand how you could purchase salvation, it just made it easier for men to do what they desired without regret....

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