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Britney Spears Essay

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Britney Spears
It’s hard to imagine but Britney spears was a regular person, just like us, before she became a true pop queen. She was born on December 2nd, 1981 in the small town of Kentwood, Louisiana. Since a very young age, she developed her love for performing. She sang “What Child Is This” at her church when she was just four years old. She also began dancing when she was very young. She took ballet and gymnastics lessons. Britney soon decided to give up gymnastics and focus on singing and dancing. She attended Professional Performing Art School and Off- Broadway Dance Center for three summers in New York City. After that it was the beginning of her career and the entrance to the fame world.
After studying what she can do best, Britney released her first album (Baby One More Time). When it just came out, it entered the pop chart as number one. Also bye mid-1999 it sold more than 6 million copies. In addition, she ...view middle of the document...

Britney’s first serious relationship was with the singer Justin Timberlake. After a while, rumors were spread about them being engaged which was not true. Even though, they broke up in 2002, but stayed friends. In 2004, she married dancer and aspiring rap artist Kevin Federline and the following year she gave birth to her first son, Sean Preston. Their second son, Jayden James, was born in 2006. Eight weeks after the birth of her second son, Spears filed for divorce from Federline, citing irreconcible differences. Britney’s career got into a bad condition and she was sent into rehab.
Britney entered rehabilitation facility to help her take care of her problems. She spend less than 24 hours in Off-Shore drug rehabilitation in Antigua in February 16th, 2007. The following night, at a hair salon in Tarzana, California she shaved her head. This brought to a big scandal, and surprised people, because no one thought that she was in that bad condition. On the evening of January 3, 2008, after not sleeping for over four days she was hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after she appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance. She was released from the hospital on February 6, amid speculation that she has bipolar disorder. When she started recovering, she decided to get herself back on her feet.
To Britney, the rehab helped to give her the bit of a push she needed. In 2008, Spears guest-starred on CBS's television show “How I Met Your Mother” playing a receptionist. She received positive reviews for her performance as well as bringing in the series' highest ratings ever. Additionally, On September 7, 2008, Spears opened the MTV Video Music Awards for the third time. Although having not performed, Spears won Best Female Video, Best Pop Video and Video Of The Year for "Piece of Me". On September 15, Jive released a statement announcing the title of her sixth studio album, Circus as well as the first single, "Womanizer". The single was released to radio stations on September 26, and the release date for the album is December 2, Spears' 27th birthday. As a conclusion, Britney is looking forward to the future. All that is what makes her a special person.

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