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Broadband Ip Networks Essay

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Putting Broadband to work

Broadband value added services create value and loyalty, thus revenue.

Broadband carriers, access, and service providers initially focused on providing Internet Access. As competition and price pressure intensify, Providers are seeking to deploy IP-based value added services. Rapid Industry adoption of rich streaming media is being driven by an eco system of interested parties: Service providers, Advertisers, Broadcasters, Consumers and Carriers. This rapid conversion needs a new platform to manage, store, protect and distribute Broadband Content of all types (Games, Video, Music and Business Applications)

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To get a coherent and repetitive intelligence across many applications, the best solution is to host them on a single Middleware or Platform (which is what the RAGA™ framework is all about), which applies the intelligence to all content and applications. The service intelligence needs to ask each user:

Who are you?
What applications do you want to use?
Are you allowed to use it?
What class of service do you require?
How much are you willing to pay for that service?

The platform must then dynamically apply the necessary combination of security, performance, address management, and protocol functions. This user-oriented, session-aware service model requires that the platform support the following service intelligence functions:

User Authentication and Authorization –for secure access control
Security – to ensure privacy and to protect content
CoS and QoS for tiered services and integration data, voice and video
Address management – for guaranteed connection of the right content to the right user
Accounting – fine-grained for usage-based billing
Customer Network management – self provisioning and management
Content Delivery management – by multiple content providers themselves
Trouble shooting – end-to-end from the content provider, through the network, to the subscriber terminal

All these functions reside in the middleware layer connected to each and very user-application (Video-on-demand, Interactive Games, etc.) to provide a common interface for a simple, friendly and coherent user experience. Here is how the RAGA™ platfom logical design applies the layered approach:

At the end of the day, what we really need to deliver is the quality we take for granted in today’s PSTN, namely the ‘ten commandments’ of uninterrupted service: Availability, Affordability, Services, Security, Scalability, Simplicity, Connectivity, Performance, Flexibility, Ubiquity.

And because new IP services appear and evolve so rapidly, we need to do all that in a manner that minimizes time to market. A new service should be integrated, tested and be ready to launch in a matter of days, not months.

Another way to look at it is to realize we are providing LAN features over WAN. This makes the public network into an “Intranet” for the authenticated subscribers. Once authenticated by their IP address and password, the subscribers get fast access to Broadband Content as if it was installed on their LAN. Their ‘IT department’ is the access provider, assuring trouble free availability of the service.

Who is the customer? Identifying business models.

Both content providers and consumers derive benefits from the content distribution. Consumers get high-quality full-screen video, games, Entertainment, and software. Content Providers get access to the mass of subscribers, in what is actually a new distribution channel. It makes sense to derive revenues from each of these users. The network operator may offer his services to multiple content providers, providing them with...

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