Broken Widows Essay

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Rubric for Writing as a Continuum

| |Ineffective |Emerging |Developing |Proficient |Strong |Comments |
|Trait | | | | | | |
| |0-2.5 |3-4.5 |5-6.5 |7-8.5 |9-10 ...view middle of the document...

Lacks any |Significant re-organization is |connections. |structure helps the reader |Transitions are smooth, enhancing the| |
| |use of transitions. |needed. | |track/process the ideas. |overall cohesion of the piece. | |
|Language and Cohesion |The writer demonstrates a |Overworked language, words used|The language is functional, |Natural language is used well, |Words convey the intended message in | |
| |limited vocabulary or has not |incorrectly, or thesaurus |even if it lacks much energy. |and the text is engaging. Words|a precise, interesting, and natural | |
|Score = _____ |searched for words to convey |overload. Word choice and/or |It is easy to figure out the |are appropriately used to |way. The words are powerful and | |
| |specific meaning. |wordiness cloud the message, |writer's meaning on a general |create clear sense of the |engaging. Every word carries its own | |
| | |leaving the reader confused. |level. |ideas. |weight. | |
| |The reader has to struggle in | | | | | |
| |order to give this paper a fair|The text contains many run-ons,|The text flows to an extent, |The text is sufficiently |The writing has an easygoing rhythm, | |
| |interpretive reading. Many |choppy sentences, non-sentences|but is more mechanical than |cohesive. Significant variety |flow and cadence. Sentences are well | |
| |fragments, missing words, |and other problems. There is |fluid. Some variety in style |in the style and length of the |constructed, with strong and varied | |
| |awkward moments, and irregular |minimal variety in style and |and length. |sentences. Good flow. |structure. | |
| |structure. |length. | | | | |
|-over- ...

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