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Bshs 305 Client Paper

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Client Paper
BSHS 305
Brenda Schramm

Client Paper
The client of human services can be defined by the nature of the problems that exist in their individual, family or group situation. Those individuals and their problems are the reason human services exist from the start. Problems are a part of everyday life, they can come and go and be major or minor. In understanding this essential part of human service, the helper can fully understand what exactly can help the client and what helping skills can be utilized. In this paper, I will discuss the range of problems facing these clients and what helping skills can be used by the helper in order to help the client.
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This theory states that if that infant does not experience this stage entirely they will find it difficult trusting others in life.
In the situational perspective, problems are a result of an accidents, violent crime, natural disaster, and major changes of life; such as divorce, move, or job change. This range of problems usually occur because the client is in a particular place at a particular time, unlike that of the developmental perspective. In this perspective the individual may have not done anything to contribute to or cause them to occur, responsibility begins once this problem has occurred and identified as an issue. In examining a client after they have been violently assaulted there are problems that exist because of the assault. The feelings of anger, fear, shame, and questioning their own actions can occur. It is important for these individuals to seek help for the aftermath of the assault in order for them to return to a previously psychological healthy place.
Another way to identify a client’s problems is to establish which needs are being met and which are not through the hierarchical perspective. This theory is best described by Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs model. It was later suggested by Brammer and MacDonald (2002) that these hierarchy of needs could be divided into two categories: deficiency needs and being needs. This perspective says that if a person is unable to provide themselves with the physiological needs such as food or shelter, they would not be able to focus on other needs such as protection or even concentrate on the love and belonging needs.
With the societal change perspective, problems are experienced by clients as a result of sudden changes in society that leaves individuals in unfamiliar situations. A huge societal problem occurring in today’s world is homelessness. Communities are experiencing a spike in the amount of homeless clients due to the high unemployment rates and mental health issues being ignored. Companies are evolving with the technological times of today therefore forcing individuals out of the factories and businesses they have been secure in at one point. The other problem with homelessness is for those individuals who experience severe mental illness disorders and once resided in mental health institutes. Due to the underfunding and budget cuts these mental health facilities have been forced to put these individuals out faster and unprepared causing them to either end up in the criminal justice system or on the streets of communities. There are other individuals and groups that fall into the problem of homelessness due to societal changes such as, veterans and children.
The last perspective in identifying problems of a client is the environmental influence perspective. Environmental influences include specific locations in which a client lives, friends and family that influence the client, groups to which the client belongs, and activities the client...

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