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Bshs 355 Mothers Against Drunk Driving

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September 5, 1980 MADD was formed with the mission to aid victims and their families due to the crime of individuals who had been driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and to spread awareness of the problem of drinking and drugged driving (Mothers against drunk driving, 2014). MADD was formed thirty four years ago after a mother lost her daughter due to drunk driver (Mothers against drunk driving, 2014). The mother made the pledge to her deceased daughter she would do something about the drunk drivers (Mothers against drunk driving, 2014). Over the past 34 years MADD’s mission has changed over time to help better meet the social problems in society from drug and alcohol ...view middle of the document...

MADD asked for task forces to be formed to help with support, collect donations, and to form policies to be presented to government officials (Mothers against drunk driving, 2014). With requests being denied MADD supporters and followers stormed Capitol Hill fall of 1980 to gain government support for the social problem at rise (Mothers against drunk driving, 2014). MADD groups began forming in communities across the nation, and donations came pouring in to develop new chapters and expand the main headquarters (Mothers against drunk driving, 2014). In 1993, MADD received their first victory.
Highway funds were reported to be denied to states what did not raise their drinking age to 21 (Mothers against drunk driving, 2014). The next victory for MADD came when President Regan announced his support for the organization during a press conference. Since his Presidency each President has showed their support for the organization as well. MADD supporters and volunteers were turned away for years, laughed at by some, and even just ignored. However, through their perseverance and determination to create a social policy and shine light on what should have been an unacceptable issue millions of lives have been saved over the years.
The number of deaths due to drunk driving has fallen to 67 percent for highway driving fatalities in Massachusetts alone (“Annual MADD Vigil: a remembrance of those lost,” 2014). At its peak in 1988 the death rate has slowly declined from 411 to 136 on average over the past...

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