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Bsop 434 Logistics With Lab Essay

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BSOP 434 All Discussions Week 1-7


BSOP 434 Week 1 Discussion 1
Why do inventories cost so much to maintain? Provide some examples of how cost is associated with carrying an inventory. Is there anything we can do to lower this cost, and if so, what? In addition to the question above, explain how excess inventories can erode profitability.
BSOP 434 Week 1  Discussion 2
Discuss why supply chain management (SCM) has become so important. Identify companies that have a well known SCM system. Do these companies have anything in common when it comes to their implementation of SCM? Can you identify and define four (4) attributes of Supply Chain Management?
BSOP 434 Week 2 Discussion 1
How can a transportation manager take advantage of trade-offs between price and service? As a transportation manager, when would you want to take ...view middle of the document...

Describe the relevance of the procurement process in a logistics system.
BSOP 434 Week 4 Discussion 2
Discuss how developing nations ensure that a good portion of supply chain transactions are conducted within their borders. What are some of the challenges associated with the international logistics?
BSOP 434 Week 5 Discussion 1
Discuss how accountants and logistic professions differ in terms of their approach to inventory control. Provide an example of how each would measure a company’s inventory.
BSOP 434 Week 5 Discussion 2
In logistical terms, what does system analysis refer to? What is the difference between a partial systems analysis and a comprehensive systems analysis?
BSOP 434 Week 6 Discussion 1
Explain why transport rates typically vary by 1) the weight of the shipment; 2) the distance a shipment is transported; and 3) the value of the transport service. Provide an example of how these variables affect a shipping rate.
BSOP 434 Week 6 Discussion 2
Contrast qualitative, historical projection, and causal forecasting models. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each of these models?
BSOP 434 Week 7 Discussion 1
Discuss the differences between facility layouts for office, production, and warehouses. How does the layout of a warehouse impact the effectiveness and efficiency of a warehouse?
BSOP 434 Week 7 Discussion 2
Warehouse Management System 
What is a warehouse management system (WMS)? What are the benefits and downfalls of a WMS in a warehousing operation?

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BSOP 434 Logistics with Lab

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