Buddhism And Hinduism (Two Worlds That Collide And Combine Into One)

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Buddhism and Hinduism originated from the same region, India. The similarities do not end there but continue as they are attentive on their natural surroundings, the things around them, forms of meditation, as well as their belief in several hells and heavens, or higher and lower worlds. Death comes across human’s minds at one point of their lives and the very truth is everyone dies. What is important about religion is how followers live by the guidelines and ethics during their lifetime until death. There are several topics of life that need to be focused on to make sure that when death comes one can be complete Hinduism and Buddhism believe having a purpose in life, karma which can affect ...view middle of the document...

These paths are also recognized as Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Karma Yoga. These steps are supposed to free one of past and ongoing karma. Paths include steps such as complete dedication to god through praise, helping the needy, deep exploration of oneself.
Buddhism is strong on ending all suffering and achieving enlightenment. The everyday assumption of an everlasting soul is a delusion, the Buddha taught, because it leads to attachment, egoism, cravings, and ultimately suffering (Irons 16). A vital part of living the Buddhist life is to detach oneself from worldly pleasures ultimately making the purpose of life to achieve nirvana; enlightenment. The Three Gems Buddha, Dharma and Samgha capture the essence of the Buddhist community showing a slight difference from Hinduism in which there is more than one God. Buddha sought out human suffering is continuous as humans strive after materialistic things which never last therefore causing sorrow. The Buddha focused primarily on this problem and how to solve it is by gaining knowledge. Buddha’s teachings can be predominantly found within the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path; two key parts in the foundation of Buddhism. The Four Noble Truths lead to the Eightfold Path with the fourth Noble Truth, one can permanently escape suffering by following the Noble Eightfold Path. The key is not to gain knowledge in seeking enlightenment yet it must be “right”. Examples of the Eightfold Path include right speech, right action, right livelihood, and right effort. Nirvana is the state of final liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth. It is also therefore the end of suffering.
Between the two religions it is evident that the purpose of life and the religion itself are different between the two. The difference with Hinduism and Buddhism is they see the ultimate as a set of natural forces while Buddhism saw Reality as being a supreme being. Buddha was strong on his teachings of impermanence, of the anatman (no soul). Yet the atman can be found similarly in Buddhism as both ideas envision humans as possessing a soul. Therefore overall the religious quest for Hindus was to begin the search for the soul and Brahman. Similar to Buddhism although not emphasized as strongly, the Upanishad provides Hindus with meditational practices as the route which they can releases themselves from the urges of desires and worldly pleasures. The religious texts of Hinduism are predominant in helping followers guide their lives making these texts a huge difference from Buddhism. Within the life of followers they come across a vital teaching known as karma.
Karma is a reoccurring mystical philosophy in both Buddhism and Hinduism. Karma is defined by the actions that place consequences to one’s existence that affect the present and future. These actions do not only include deeds but thoughts and words. Followers of Hinduism and Buddhism have faith that karma directs the way their existence will lay out.

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