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Budget Deficit And National Debt And Its Impact On Future Economic Growth

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As I have stated before below is our protocols for transacting our business on the Euroclear Screen with instruments that are Beneficially owned with a Registered/Titled Owner:-


1)    The Securities can be Corporately Invoiced with Copy of Euroclear Title Page
2)    The Securities are screen-able on EUROCLEAR
3)    The Securities are on balance sheet (Cashed Backed) payable with the full faith and credit of the issuing bank.
4)    The Securities are Beneficially Owned /Titled (Registered Owner)
5)    The Securities are issued by one or more acceptable Western European Money Centre Banks rated A/ AA or better by Standard and Poors, Normal Exclusions.
6)    The Securities show no price on the screen (insert – Private Placement)

Our Clearing banks are Rothschild, Zurich, Credit Suisse Zurich, ...view middle of the document...

  Each step must be completed independently.
1.    Enter CUSIP Number:
2.    Enter the Access Code:
3.    Enter the Transaction Identification Code:
4.    Enter Validity Code:                                
5.    Enter I.S.I.N. Number:                  
6.    Enter the Input Code:                     DTC Number of Issuing Bank. 
7.    Enter the Output Code:                            DTC Number of Credit Line Bank
8. Enter the Operation Passwords:Passwords of both operators are registered on the screen
9.    Open: Both Operators open tenth Window.
10. After entering items 1-9 above, the lower right hand side of the screen will open.  Go into that window and ask the above Bank Officers to validate and authenticate the Instruments & Cash Funds. Request for Instruments to be reserved and blocked to Account Number _____________, Account Name ____________ within Bank ______________________ (Credit Line Bank Coordinates).
11. Within this Window, it should also be requested delivery of Blocking Confirmation. After delivery of blocking confirmation, the screen will show that the transaction is closed.
12. Reconfirmation:  Go through the complete process a second time as a reconfirmation.  The only difference is that this time you use the Release Code rather than the CUSIP or ACCESS Codes.

Quiet and effective Corporate transaction 
After receipt of Corporate Invoice and Copy of Title Page
Bank Screens Invoice Data.1-9
Window 10 funds and instruments are Blocked.
Buy Ticket - Delivery Instructions to Western European Pension Fund.
Irrevocable Payment Swift MT103/Ledger/Fed Wire same day after screen verification to Sellers Account
Seller on receipt of funds electronically releases SKR as per Buy Ticket Instructions.
Hard Copy Bank couriered within 7 - 10 Banking Days 
All subsequent tranches are drawn off screen utilising the screen codes as denoted on the invoice as per agreed schedule..
The above is how we handle our business quietly with our Trust Clients.
Yours sincerely,

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