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Building Fashion Brands In Shanghai Essay

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Although numerous previous researches covered the challenges of building fashion brands, this research aimed to find out much deeper information to present challenges of building fashion brands in Shanghai, a modern city of China.

This research was a explore research. The key data were from primary research. Both quantitative approach and qualitative approach were adopted. The entire participants were selected through a convenient sample for the reason that it is easy to access to the respondents. Thus, it is a time-saving way of sampling.

In the quantitative research, 171 questionnaires were collected and 138 of them were valid questionnaires. 77 questionnaires were ...view middle of the document...

Participants of three focus groups were between 18 and 24, the other three were from 25 to 35. Six focus groups conducted in different places, such as restaurants, university library. There were similarities and differences of opinions towards fashion brands between 18-24 female consumers and 25-35 female consumers in Shanghai. Similarities could be summarized into five categories, a) fashion brands should follow new fashion trend and develop various promotion activities, b) internet was the most popular way for female consumers to collect fashion news in Shanghai, c) shopping fashion brands online was reliable, d) brand was the most important factor for purchasing, e) intensive competition and market saturation were two key challenges for building fashion brands in Shanghai. The differences were showed in main aspects: 1) 18-24 consumers focused on price of fashion brands, when 25-35 consumers paid more attention to customer service, 2) 18-24 female consumers thought magazine advertising of fashion brands were more effective than that of TV advertising in Shanghai whereas older female consumers still believed TV advertising was attractive, 3) from the views of 18-24 consumers, powerful brands should be in the leading position and at affordable price in Shanghai, however, 25-35 age group agreed that powerful brand should be special and stand for social status, 4) although shopping online was unreliable it was convenient, and thus, which was accepted by most of Shanghai 25-35 people, but young consumers would not like to undertake risks, 5) female consumers who were from 18 to 24 explained brand warranted style, while those aged between 25 and 35 stated brand warranted quality, 6) discount was popular with 25-35 female consumers in Shanghai, it was opposite to 18-24 female consumers.

Therefore, combined the results of quantitative research and qualitative research, there were several challenges of building fashion brands in Shanghai. First, how to keep the unique and positive brand image is a challenge, since there was a large amount of fashion brands existed in Shanghai, it means that customers in Shanghai have already know about fashion and have the fashion taste. Second, how to use marketing strategies efficiently and correctly is a challenge for building fashion brand in Shanghai, such as pricing, buzz marketing, e-commerce. Third, selecting an appropriate media to communicate with customers is a challenge of building fashion brands in Shanghai. For example, TV advertising is a wide coverage media, but from the research, most 18-24 female consumers preferred reading magazines rather than TV. The final challenge of building fashion brands in Shanghai is choosing a right form of promotion. Discount is welcoming way in Shanghai. Conversely, some participants explored that frequent discount would decrease their confidence and loyalty of the fashion brand.


According to the results of the research, in order to...

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