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Building The Team Essay

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Building the team M3:11

2.1 Explain what behaviours you have developed in order to maintain trust in your detachment.

In order to main trust at the detachment I aim is to set aim example in the way I present myself and behave. . A good leader should possess characteristics that encourage the formation of a close knit, solid team. Many of these are my own natural and personal characteristics, but to some have to be learnt.

I have been told that I have an approachable demeanour and I am genuinely a caring person. I am also trustworthy and loyal, with a deep sense of integrity and fairness, and high, but not narrow, moral values.

I am enthusiastic and encouraging to others, ...view middle of the document...

You should never share information that you have been asked to keep confidential and use your judgment when it comes to matters of implied confidentiality. You must keep things confidential that are intended to be so even if a there are problems within the team. There are exceptions to keeping rule, such as when someone’s health or well-being is at risk, or if there is a likelihood of someone being endangered.

It’s not an easy commitment to vow never share anything that must be kept confidential, but you should remember that their decision to share or not to divulge information that may affect how others view that person. When consider sharing information you should ask yourself if there is any chance that the person who imparted the information would like it kept confidential. If that is the case, you should not share it.

When things are kept confidential that should be confidential, a reputation as a person who can be trusted will be gained. Trust and confidence in leadership is one of the most reliable indicators of satisfaction in an organization, encouraging openness. Maintaining trust avoids conflict within the group. Many issues are resolved by team members trusting their leader sufficiently to approach him with any problem they may have, however large or small it may be.

2.3 Give one example of a group and one example of a team within the Cadet Force. Justify the classification of examples given.

An example of a team within the Cadet Force is the Detachment staff i.e. the adult instructors.

They have individual and mutual responsibilities but they work together in decision making, discussion, planning, problem solving, focusing on team goals. Defined individual roles, responsibilities and tasks help the team to do its work. These are often shared and rotated. Each member of the team is concerned with results achieved and challenges they face. The team’s purpose, goals and organisation is shaped by team leader along with other team members.

An example of a group within the Cadet Force is the cadets who attend the detachment.

The cadets are not involved in the planning the aims and objectives. They have each have their own accountability and work to achieve individual results and goals. They come together to train and learn but are responsible for their own outcome and challenges. The cadets each have individual roles but work as a group to attain results. The group is lead by the team and its leader, the detachment staff and commander, and guided in its aim, goals and approach to training.

2.4 Describe the stages of an established model group formation using examples from your experience to illustrate these if possible.

In 1965 Bruce Tuckman developed a 5 stage model of group development, focusing on the way a task is approached and completed from the start to the end.

Stage 1 - Forming: The group comes together and gets to know one other and form into a group.
Stage 2 - Storming: Differing ideas are...

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