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Bullfighting Essay

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The excitement is spreading throughout the stadium as another bullfight is about to commense in Madrid, the capital of Spain. The matador, or bullfighter is ready for the toro, or bull to begin his run. He stares at the plaza de toros, or bull ring. This is what you hear in a typical bullfight in a place such as Madrid or Andalucia.Bullfighting is the national sport of Spain. It originates back in the 18th century in village squares. But in the 18th century, bullfighting was very disorganized. In the 19th century however, Pedro Romero and Pepe-Illo, with their new techniques and inventions, brought a sense of order to bullfighting. One of those was giving horses padding. Before, horses ...view middle of the document...

These people are called good bullfighters because they come with a strategic plan. Juan Belmonte, one of the greatest bullfighters ever was a good bullfighter. He says that he goes to the ring like a mathematitian going to a blackboard to prove a theorem. So if you think that you don't have to be smart for bullfighting, you are most likely wrong.A typical bullfight starts out with a paseillo, which is when everybody involved with the bullfight introduces themselves to the public. Some of the people would be a banderillo who, on foot, inserts decorated sticks on the bull's muscles. The second part is when the doors are lifted and the bulls come out. From there, there are 3 parts. Each part is separated by horn signals called tercios. In the first part, the bullfighter uses a capote, a large rag of purple or yellow on the bull. The second part of it is called la suerte de banderillas. Three banderilleros must stick a pair of banderillas in the attacking bulls back. The final part is called suerte supremo. The bullfighter uses a small red rag called a muleta and ends the fight when the bullfighter kills the bull with his sword.Though many are for bullfighting, many are not. The Anti Bullfighting Campaign (ABC) started in 1993 and continue to protest bullfighting today. Injuries are one of the top reasons for why they think that bullfighting should be discontinued. Also, scientists have proven that as early as the beginning of a bullfight the animals can be suffering and the wrongful practice of puya and the Act of Spears. Other groups that are against bullfights are the Alternative for Animal Liberation (ALA) and Autonomic Community of Madrid (CAM).

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