Bullies’ Targets And Outgrowing Their Behavior

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Bullies’ Targets and Outgrowing their Behavior
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Bullies’ Targets and Outgrowing Their Behavior
I. Introduction
A. Topic
Research question: Why do bullies select their targets and do they outgrow their behavior?
2) Working thesis: Bullies are a concern who are not restricted or defined by socio-economic, cultural, or gender basis, and its accepted that adults and children endure the implications of bullying at some point whether they are victims, perpetrators or bystanders.
3) Angle: Bullies effect long-lasting physical, mental and emotional implications on their targets. It is a sad reality that some bullies do not outgrow their behavior and continue with the vice through adolescence and into adulthood.
B. Context
1) In the current society where violence is more prevalent among the youths, it is important to address and investigate this issue ...view middle of the document...

2) My secondary addressees are my lecturer and classmate, some of whom may have experienced either being the target, perpetrator or bystander and thus will relate to the topic.
3) Majority of my audience share my views and ideals and will likely be on my side. Nevertheless, of course, there will be the skeptical who probably are the perpetrators.
II. Evidence
A. Research collected so far
I have found support that bullies victimize the less famous, those who cannot harm others, the weak in size and strength. It is hard to outgrow this behavior since others have bullied before sometimes those who bully.
B. Research to collect
I will look for additional information to answer the question why some people are targeted by bullies and why bullies target them. I will also look for more information why it's not easy for bullies to abandon this behavior. I will also look for materials and experts who concur that bullies have adverse effects on themselves and victims. Those bullies continue with the vice as they grow older which in many cases grow into violence and other problems. Finally, I will represent the contrasting standpoint and others who think that bullies eventually outgrow the vice once they are past adolescence, and that victims do not play a role in being targeted.
III. Conclusion
I propose that this research will be successful in explaining why bullies choose their targets and that with intervention bullies can outgrow their aggressive behavior. The paper will also show that victims are innocent but just unlucky to fall victims of individuals who are insecure and with low self-esteem. I will also try to show through the research that the perception and beliefs on victims and bullies cannot resolve itself, and ignorance does not make the problem go away. I will base my research on the above point as a support to the claims.

IV. References
Beaudoin, M.N. & Taylor, M. (2004). Breaking the culture of bullying and disrespect, grades K-8: best practices and successful strategies. California: Corwin.
Lee, C. (2004). Preventing bullying in schools – a guide for teachers and other professionals. London: Paul Chapman.

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