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Bullying And Its Correlation With Behavior

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Angel Behne
Dr. Lusk
Psyc-2130 Major Project
4 April 2016
Bullying and Its Correlation with Behavior
Of the topics that can be very relatable to various types of people, it seems that bullying is one that has been around for decades. It appears that since the time that children have begun to go to school that there have been some type of issues with bullying that everyone for a long time had accepted as being normal. Over the years though there has been a growing trend in the extreme nature of bullying. It has taken on various more forms through time, such as cyberbullying, and has become more physically violent as well. Year by year the amount of young students who have been bullied or ...view middle of the document...

There are four different roles that students may fall into which include bully, victim, bully/victim, non-bully/non-victim (Cho, Hendrickson, and Mock 2009). Bullies are the aggressors that intentionally hurt others while victims are the ones who are at the mercy of bullies. Two other roles are the bully/victims who both bully and get bullied and the non-bullies/non-victims who do not fall into any category of bullying. Understanding the interplay between these four groups is important to further understand some of the actions of bullying.
This particular study that was done on bullying focused primarily on the factor of students who had behavior disorders and those who did not. It took place in a Midwestern state over a five month span across four different school districts (Cho, Hendrickson, and Mock 2009). The students were given surveys that asked a range of questions that would identify what role in bullying that they played based on their answered behaviors. The hope of this type of study was to gain a new perspective on bullying based on behavioral characteristics that are from the point of view of the students.
The results showed that the key characteristics of those who identified as bullies were easily distracted and energetic with poor prosocial skills, whereas bully/victims were similar but also showed more aggression (Cho, Hendrickson, and Mock 2009). Victims in comparison with non-bully/non-victims had a tendency to be also be distracted and energetic but were often more reserved making them appear as easier targets (Cho, Hendrickson, and Mock 2009). Bullies have a tendency to pick victims who are different and sometimes seen as weaker, which is why those with disabilities are generally speaking at a higher risk of becoming victims. What makes this particular study so crucial, however, is that its primary focus on those who have behavior disorders rather than those who have a broad range of different disabilities, like many other studies. Whereas those with disabilities are at higher risk of being victimized, those with behavioral disorder are at a higher risk of becoming a bully due to their lack of prosocial skills (Cho, Hendrickson, and Mock 2009). The majority of the students that participated in this study that were said to have behavior disorders fell into the categories of bully, victim, and bully/victim (Cho, Hendrickson, and Mock 2009).
In general, the undoubtedly negative impact that bullying causes has been recently acknowledged by the mainstream as unacceptable. Not only does it cause problems in the educational environment by producing distractions, fear, and avoidance but the overall psychological impact is devastating. Some of these negative repercussions include “unhappiness, low self-esteem, peer rejection, anxiety, and depression” (Cho, Hendrickson, and Mock 2009). Unfortunately many bullies will also suffer from long-term effects from their actions...

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