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Bullying And Parenting Essay

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“Many adolescents are taught not to discriminate or intimidate. However, bullying has increased dramatically in the present era. Victims are left physically, mentally, verbally, and emotionally broken. Also, many children are taking their lives due to not being able to handle the misery from bullying. As a result of these incidents, he or she are left wondering who is at fault, the child or the parents. Therefore, should parents be held accountable for the outcome of their children’s bullying? Parents should be held accountable if their child is a bully. When an adult decides to be a parent, they become responsible for whatever mistakes their child may do, until the child becomes an ...view middle of the document...

They need to regularly remind their children about the importance of treating others the way they would want to be treated. Also, parents must remind their children that some things he or she might do or say to someone might seem humorous at the time, but in reality are pretty upsetting. By doing this, one can teach their children the appropriate ways to communicate and treat others. When it comes to helping prevent bullying, parents should frequently check in on the online behaviors of their kids. By doing this they will have an understanding of what their child is doing. In other words, if one’s child is bullying another peer, he or she can take the appropriate steps needed to stop the bullying from accruing. If he or she does not provide the guidance to prevent bullying, the parent should be at fault due to the lack of guidance they have provided to their child.
On the contrary, much criticism comes from the parents of the bully, who believe bullying is nothing more than a phase that many children go through, and it shapes who their child is or who they may become. According to a legal analyst from CNN, “Every one of us, at one time or another, have experienced that bully figure in our lives, whether it was an isolated incident or a long-term issue, and generally it doesn’t bring forth the fondest memories. Bullying is nothing new in modern society. It is the intensity and frequency with which it is practiced that has come to evolve”(O’Mara). Similarly, bullying is usually practiced as a child. When a child becomes older, he or she will forget about the bullying and the humiliation they endured. Also, some parents believe bullying is just a way of life. Many individuals portray bullying in a different way today. Instead of looking at bullying as a way for adolescents to grow, individuals frown on bullying. When in reality, it helps a child become a stronger individual. Children bully because it provides them with a sense of power. Children need a sense of power especially when in sports. In this case, parents think that once their child goes to high school, bullying stops. Many parents believe children can handle their own arguments when in doubt, they really need to be shown how to handle a situation, such as bullying.
Uncertain conducts need to be addressed with judicious and suitable punishment. It is up to the parents to show their child right from wrong. As a parent, one should enforce anti-bullying and teach their child to respect others. According to Dr. Justin W. Patchin, Co-Director of the Cyberbullying Research Center, “Overall, parents need to impart in their children a set of principles, that include appreciating others and always act and interact with respect, whether online or off, and they can do that in a kind and reliable manner, that encourages emotional connection yet demands respect. Actually, studies have shown a optimistic parent-child bond makes it less likely that adolescences will become involved in bullying, as...

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