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Bullying Military Youth Essay

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In the previous chapters I have discussed the stressors related to being the child of military personnel, the related risk factors associated with becoming a the target of peer victimization, and the assets that the bioecological model can provide as a lens for further exploring this issue. In this chapter I will discuss the specific methods that I will employ to generate research on the topic at hand and express the possible benefits in addressing the issue of identifying and assisting military student’s who are experiencing bullying issues.
This study used a qualitative, longitudinal approach in researching the risk factors and effects of possibly bullying for military youth. ...view middle of the document...

The concept of the neutral interviewer is difficult to execute, as it has been stated that as a person the interviewer is historically and contextually located and inevitably carries conscious and unconscious motives, desires, feelings, and biases, which hardly makes the interviewer a neutral tool for research. Scientists are increasingly the need for interviewers to interact with interviewees as a person and acknowledge that they are doing so. One approach to interviewing that takes the interaction between interviewer and interviewee is empathic interviewing. Empathic interviewing emphasizes taking a stance as opposed to staying neutral. In this form of interviewing the interviewer becomes an advocate and partner in the study, with the hope of using results to affect change in the conditions of the interviewee. In this way the empathic approach may be viewed as a method of friendship, however this would be an inaccurate characterization. The empathic method of interviewing is a method of morality as it attempts to view the interviewee as a human being first before addressing theoretical or methodological concerns. The way that the interview is framed in empathic interviewing has a drastic affect on the results that will be found. For example if the interview is conducted through the parameters that the individuals being interviewed are seen as sick and needing help the results will be very different than if the interview is conducted for individuals who are capable. The framework of the interview, therefore can be anything, but neutral; it is carries political clout and can be used for or against the group that is being studied.
There are several forms of interviewing, including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured (Fontana & Frey, 2005). Interviews can also take place many contexts including individual face-to-face verbal exchange, group face-to-face verbal exchange, or a telephone survey. The use of interviewing in the United States is now so common that our society has been referred to as an “interview society.” Instead of focusing on using interviewing as a neutral tool, researchers are now using interviewing as a negotiated, contextual tool to explore the “how’s of people’s lives (the constructive work involved in producing order in everyday life), as well as the traditional what’s (the activities of everyday life)” (Fontana & Frey, 2005, p. 698).
Use of interviews in the present study. For the present study, individual empathic interviews were used with both parents and children. As this was a longitudinal investigation, the interviews were conducted at three separate times. The initial interviews were conducted face-to-face with parents, the second and third interviews with parents were conducted via phone conversations six months and one year later, and the final interviews were conducted face-to-face with parents after one year and six months. Interviews with the children took place at the school and...

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