Bullying Report

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Bullying Report
Lorrie George
September 15, 2014
Erin Jacobs

Bullying Report
Bullying has become a very serious issue that affects school aged children and adolescents in today’s society. Bullying can happen to any child ranging in ages from children in kindergarten all the way to seniors in high school, and can be done physically, emotionally, verbally. Bullying is not only limited to schools, it can also be done in the child’s home and where the child works.
Studying the issue of bullying and how it affects human development is extremely important. It is also important to gain an understanding of the child’s life to understand why it is that he or she is ...view middle of the document...

In most instances, the aggressor is physically larger than the victim or may be within a group” (Physical Bullying). Emotional bullying is expressed when one person bullies another at an emotional level. Emotional bullying is usually more common amongst girls than boys, and can be performed in ways such as spreading rumors, excluding a person from activities, refusing to talk to a person and then make a statement that will be known to hurt the person’s feelings. Verbal bullying “incorporates the use of words to carry out an act of bullying” (“Types of Bullying”, 2013. Verbal Bullying). This type of bullying can be expressed when one person makes comments to tease and taunt another person. Such comments that come in the form of verbal bullying include making fun of another person’s appearance or hygiene, weight, ethnicity, or lifestyle choices. Most children and adolescents that tend to use verbal bullying usually exhibits lower self-esteem, so they bully others in order for them to feel better about themselves.
Gender and sexual orientation are also factors that influence increased bullying amongst children and adolescents. Openly expressed gender and sexual orientation within the youth and adolescent society is more common today than it was 25 years ago. Children and adolescents are becoming more open and accepting of their gender and sexual orientation but at the same time, finding themselves to be a victim of bullying. According to the Journal of Adolescent Health, “Studies based on samples of sexual minority youth drawn from gay, lesbian, and bisexual community settings demonstrate that lesbian, gay, and bisexual youths experience high levels of victimization, ranging from verbal insults to physical assault” (Berlan et al. (2010), p.g. 3.). The bullying that is done to individuals who are gay, lesbian, or bisexual is usually performed either in the form of “gay bashing”; or done physically, emotionally, or verbally. Children and adolescents who exhibit themselves to be openly gay, lesbian or bisexual have a higher chance of being bullied than their heterosexual peers.
Self-esteem also plays a crucial part both in the individual who bully’s and the victim of the bullying. It has been thought for many years that individuals who bully have low self-esteems, when in fact, this is not the case. According to Lamia (2010), “Research studies have proven that there is no link between kids who behave aggressively toward other kids and low self-esteem. In fact, psychologists have found that kids who behave like bullies have high self-esteem, but that they are very “shame-prone”…A person can have problems with shame and still have high self-esteem, and this is what makes them act like a bully” (para. 4). Even though bullies display a higher self-esteem, they often have trouble being associated with any type of shame. On the other hand however, bullying can have an intense damaging effect on the self-esteem of a victim...

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