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Bus 210 Week 8 Checkpoint Hardware Software Components

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Appendix E

Hardware/Software Components

In your own words, describe the following hardware/software components

Legacy systems | A legacy system is an out-dated database management that may still be in use at a corporation because its data cannot be converted to a new system, nor can the application program be upgraded. Newer software products can support a legacy system and are capable of importing the data. |
Mainframe computers | A mainframe is a very large, multi-tasking computer that has the ability to support many users running a variety of different programs at the same time. They are commonly used by large businesses. |
Microprocessors | A microprocessor is a computer processor that contains the functions of a central processing unit on a microchip. It was design to perform mathematical and logical calculations, which include adding, subtracting, comparison of numbers, and transferring numerical data from ...view middle of the document...

It incorporates an enormous amount of informational resources and services to access the hypertext documents making up the World Wide Web. It also provides the capability to send and receive electronic mail.The World Wide Web is a section of the Internet that consists of pages written a code referred to as hyper-text markup language (HTML). HTML, in conjunction with Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP), enables information access through a Web browser, like Internet Explorer or Firefox. |
Wired and wireless broadband technology | Broadband technology refers to the system in which large amounts of data can be transmitted simultaneously without interference in the different signals. The most common Internet broadband connections are through cable modems and Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), which uses an existing phone line. Wireless technology, Wi-Fi, is used in wireless cards. The wireless cards transmit data through a wireless router, which are usually connected to the network through a cable or DSL modem. |
PC software | PC software is a virtual program stored as binary data that can be installed on a computer’s hard drive. Binary data is the two-digit numerical system which computers use to store data and compute functions. CD-ROMs, DVDs and other types of media are a physical method of storing these programs. Software is much easier, and often cheaper, to upgrade than computer hardware. |
Networking software | Networking software is a major component of today’s computer networks, including the Internet. One form of software facilitates communication between computer systems, while another type of networking software provides users access to shared programs. |
Computer security software
| Computer security software is a program that can be installed on a computer to prevent a virus attack. When kept updated, it protects against a wide variety of potential risks, including hacker intrusions, destruction of data, harmful viruses, Trojan horses and other malicious attacks. Computer security software is pre-installed in the computer’s operating system, downloaded from the Internet, or purchased from a free-standing or on-line establishment. |

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