Bus223 Sanford Limited Case Study Report

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The three main categories are:

Economic Sustainability

Sanford Limited’s 5 year (2006 – 2010) financial summary, Economic Value Added (EVM) i.e. an estimated indication of how much the amount earnings varies from the targeted rate of return against comparable risk, earnings per share, ordinary dividends per share, share price, others results from other financial instruments, renewal & growth plan, & supply chain management were reported. It showed that:

• Year 2008 generated the highest profit (NZ$53m), reason for this great increase in profit is because there was growth in market prices for most seafood species (Sanford Limited 2008 SDR);

• EVM was positive in ...view middle of the document...

e. the ratio of resource utilized to the total product produced (Sanford Limited 2008 SDR). The resources are electricity, liquid fossil fuels, coal, lube oil, Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, water & solid waste produced. Research in efficient ways of using the resources, recycling the resources, installation of new cleaning chemical dispensing systems, refurbish of seawater pump, environmental compliance & New Zealand Quota Management System (QMS) are some of the actions taken by the company to be sustainable.

Social Sustainability

The company acknowledges that employees are the greatest asset due to their knowledge, skills, experience & their dedication. They have a diverse workforce with a majority of European, followed by Maori, Pacific island & others; with 30% females & 70% males & over 44% of the employees work more than 5 years with the company. The average age & length of service of their employee is 43 years old & 7.1 years respectively. They implemented health & safety, sustainability & training plans in all their workplaces since they believe that these would reap positive benefits. Examples are superannuation scheme, quit smoking program, & personal insurance cover for all employees.

The company & their employees are active in the local communities in which they operate. Auckland Seafood Festival, Havelock Mussel Festival, Kiwi Can, beach clean up on Great Barrier Island are some of the programs they have been sponsoring or been participating. Auckland Seafood Festival is a “carbon neutral” event in New Zealand. During the event, GHG emission would be measured, lessen GHG emission as much as possible & offset any unavoidable emissions. Donations from Auckland Seafood Festival proceeds, charitable donations & community investment are increasing every year.

The company seeks to provide products which are healthy & safe, in additional to high quality to consumers as they recognize that consumers are the primary reason for being in business (Sanford Limited 2008 SDR).

From what have been reported in the past 4 years SDR report, it shown that they are willing to work with the company’s stakeholder i.e. Non-Government Organizations, Government, Industry, Tangata Whenua, Suppliers, Customers, Unions, Employees, Shareholders / Investors, & Communities. Examples of the actions are being a responsible & an equal opportunity employer, striving to create shareholder value, rigorous quality program, communicating requirements with suppliers & engagement with local governments on planning issues (Sanford Limited 2007 SDR).

This contributes to the basis for...

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