Bus599 Mod 1 Case Essay

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MBA Integrative Project

Module 1

Strategic Review

FOR Dr. Harry Hascall

From: William E. Lopez-Valentin

Date: Jul 23, 2012

Trident University

Strategic Analysis of Skype

This paper will present a strategic analysis of Skype. I will discuss Skype Mission, Vision, Values, Goals / Objectives and strategic business. Skype was founded in Luxembourg in 2003, by Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, creators of Kazaa, software designed to share music and movies. Throughout its history, framed by investment offers and sales of the company, Skype remains a large and prized signature in the world of technology. In 2005, eBay the ...view middle of the document...

During the spring of 2011, Microsoft invested 8.5 billion on Skype, in times when this giant eagerly seeks to increase its penetration on the web. Skype today is one of the tools that many users used to carry voice and video calls worldwide. Besides, the service was incorporated into the largest social network in the world, Facebook. Definitely the last few months have been very motivated for this company, and it seems that Skype has few years of being established as such. But the truth is that Skype has come a long way in history. The chronological events addressed earlier, shows all the way this company has had to go to establish itself as one of the most important and favorite users.
Skype’s objective is to please their customers by offering free international telephone conversations so they can make unlimited voice and high quality software using peer to peer technology. Skype's mission is to provide a simple communication tool, reliable and easy to use that actually works. Its vision is to develop communications solutions for users of Internet telephony services. Skype wants people to communicate with friends, family and colleagues with more flexibility and lower costs, and quality of sound never before imagined. Skype encourages the use of high quality connectivity. The proof is joint work with international telecommunications companies share the goal of providing the public with better ways to communicate. Skype is working hard towards expanding the supported platforms, including mobile handsets and devices. Although at this time, Skype does not seem the perfect match for Microsoft, things change if we look to the future. The purchase of Skype, combined with that of Nokia phones and paid mobile platforms, is possibly a long-term strategic move that makes sense.

Skype, and Users Preferred Mobile Applications
Regardless of the operating system of choice for users - Android, iPhone OS, Windows Phone, Symbian - or support using - Smartphone, tablet, PC or TV - Skype ranks as applications to facilitate communications between people around the world. In fact, Skype was the third most downloaded mobile application in 2011 (www.distimo.com), adding the main downloads app store, just behind the game Angry Birds and Facebook.
Skype is available in most operating systems, giving users the ability to communicate with a community of 254 million monthly users. In its quest to be the global communications provider of reference for the millions of people who daily share their experiences in a simple, fast and cheap way, Skype is devoting great efforts and resources in developing mobile applications and the consolidation of Skype as an application platform accessible from any device. A year after launching the application with the video call feature for Android OS devices, Skype has become the favorite application Android users with more than 76 million downloads in Google Play. Available in more than 1,300 terminals and in 16 languages, Skype...

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