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Busi 301 Business Plan Essay

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BUSI 301
Edisto Beach Business Plan


I will start the planning process for an Electrical Repair LLC business in the small beachfront town of Edisto Beach in eastern South Carolina. Edisto Beach is a small resort town that is home to less than 300 permanent residents. We plan to operate a Christian business with the opportunity to serve the community as well as meet the Electrical business needs of the residents and business owners on the island. Most homes are single family with only four multiple family apartment/condominium type complexes on the island. There are several restaurants and stores, but no hotels. There is one hardware store and several convenience stores on ...view middle of the document...

I do have a backup plan with my home town bank to secure a small loan if needed as the business builds.

Pre Start Up
Apply for an LLC Business License with the State of South Carolina. The completed LLC application form will be hand delivered to the Secretary of State in Columbia, SC. This will bypass any potential mail problems and assure the application is in the right hands in Columbia. The next step would be to contact the Edisto Beach Town Hall for a Town Business License. An initial face to face meeting will be held with the clerk in the Town’s office to ensure clarity on operating a business on Edisto Island. Once the LLC has been created and local business license has been obtained, we will seek an insurance carrier to protect our business. We have also begun the process of locating a home or building to operate our business from.
We have acquired many of the tools and materials needed to start up but will need to purchase a few items, mainly ladders, and start up inventory. We will use an existing truck with the possibility of expanding to a second truck in the future, depending on needs.
The location must be suitable for onsite repair of small to mid-size appliances as well as have the potential to store inventory and possible spare appliances. Our location radius is preferably within a ten miles radius of the beachfront part of the island.
No financing will be needed at this time, pending a reasonable and suitable location to operate from.

Business Type
Electrical repair and light installation, along with appliance repair. We will also be available for subcontracts on an hourly rate by contractors performing work on the island. Many contractors from the adjoining counties routinely perform new construction work on the island. With Edisto Beach being a resort town, there are not many skilled electricians living on the island. This should create an opportunity for us to be able to contract out our services since we are located locally. This would save the contractors daily per diem and other associated travel and benefit costs. Our main plan will be to contract with home owners and businesses to perform electrical work as needed. As many of the houses are rental units, electrical problems often arise. There are also needs for yearly electrical inspections since most of the houses are rentals. We plan to be available seven days a week, twenty four hours per day for after hour calls as needed. Our shop will be equipped for appliances to be brought back to the shop and repaired in house.
We would possibly have one part time employee along with myself, who would be full time. All employees will be required to be Master Electricians or obtain Master Electrician status within one year of employment. Each employee must also be willing to work weekends and accept night trouble calls due to the nature of this type of business. It is very important that calls be answered quickly and a technician dispatched accordingly. Our...

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