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Busi 604 Discussion Question Week 2 ( Part Ii)

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Whitney Jackson
BUSI 604-International Business
Discussion Board 2: Ethnocentric

I will be discussing the term ethnocentric for discussion board two. I work for Huntington- Ingalls Industries, which is a company that designs, builds, and maintains ships for the United States Navy and Coast Guard. This type of government oriented company encourages an ethnocentric culture among its employees. Patriotism and loyalty are the motivating forces in this industry, which drives Huntington-Ingalls Industries employees’ to believe the United States’ armed forces are superior to all other military groups. Also, because Huntington-Ingalls theoretically ...view middle of the document...

Throughout the article, the authors discuss how ethnocentrism encompasses judgment, emotions, and prejudices. They discuss how ethnocentrism can be measured and how it was triggered in the United States. Cam and Kinder explain that ethnocentrism is a natural human habit, and after the terrorist attack on September 11, 2011 the government abused this physiological habit to create political strength. Through this, American citizens provided overwhelming support to the theoretically indefinite war on terrorism.

1. The journal article, “Terror and Ethnocentrism: Foundations of American Support for the War on Terrorism” discusses how support for the war on terrorism was generated by an American ethnocentric culture. Because many Americans developed an ethnocentric mindset, which is inherent superiority above other nations and cultures, the government had the ability to use this mentality to gain support for its own agenda. This politically driven support also affected many United States businesses. The ethnocentric mentality pressed citizens to purchase from domestic companies and vote in favor of military budget increases. This momentum directly affected the Northrop Grumman, which is the company that Newport News Shipyard before it was purchased by Huntington-Ingalls. Northrop Grumman received more work and larger budgets. This increased the ethnocentric outlook among Americans even more because Northrop Grumman and other similar government oriented companies were able to hire more employees and enhance the economy.
2. In addition to “Terror and Ethnocentrism: Foundations of American Support for the War on Terrorism” by Cindy Cam and Daniel Kinger, four other articles were also researched.
a. In “Escaping from American Intelligence: Culture, Ethnocentrism and the Anglosphere,” Richard Aldrich and John Kasuku describe how the United States has devoted billions of dollars towards American intelligence.By intelligence, the authors are referring to varieties of military expertise. After the terrorist attack in 2001, the United States and its allies contributed massive...

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