Busi600 D03: Forum 2 – Part 1

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BUSI600-D03: Forum 2 – Part 1
Chapter 19 question #8

Chapter 19- #8: The Index of Small Business Optimism declined 3 points in June 2012, falling to 91.4 and losing gains achieved earlier in the year, according to the NFIB Research Foundation report. Labor market indicators and spending plans for inventories and spending plans for inventories and capital equipment drove about 40 percent of the decline. Small-business owners’ reluctance to expand remained historically high due to political uncertainty. The report’s Optimism Index contains questions on employment, capital outlays, inventories, the economy in general, sales, credit, expansion, and earnings. What ...view middle of the document...

With economic factors causing a lack in confidence among small business firms reveals the uncertainty within this sector. With slow growth, no efforts to expand, borrow, or hire shows the low confidence level among small business owners and the lack thereof. With respect to biblical principles as it relates to the issue in question, it seems fair to refer to 1 John 5:4 ” For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith”. This scripture is one that small business owners should reference and uphold their faith. Even though there may be a struggling economy and businesses have adjusted their practice to accommodate the economy; this scripture amplifies Gods power. In this regard, small business owners may be reassured through scripture that they can overcome the times of struggle and tribulation that burdens the world’s economy, and remain consistent in their faith. Research has shown that the survival of small business firms is consistent with industry, location, economic conditions on a national scale and the competitiveness of the firm (Cader & Leatherman, 2011). To integrate this information into the report would be to add these additional factors in the data collection section of the report. Since the reports sections can be formatted according to the needs of the reader, expanding this section to include this data may be exceptional (Cooper & Schindler, 2014, p. 507).
In addition to this,...

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