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Business 115 Devry Hw 2 Essay

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DeVry University
BUSN115 Introduction to Business and Technology

Lemonade Stand Informal Business Report
My new small business name will be Lemon-made; a lemonade stand in which the lemonade will be made with organic lemons, and other natural ingredients. I have always thought it was weird to make lemonade from lemon flavored sugar powder so I want my lemonade to be natural. Due to that, a potential investor in my new business is Whole Foods. They are a grocery store that seeks out natural and organic foods to provide the best for their customers. Not only does my business share that goal, but being an organic/natural grocery store, they would not necessarily ...view middle of the document...

Choosing a specialty store such as this ensures that my customers will expect good customer service as well as a certain quality in my product.
The first way that I would promote my stand in the local community would be by bringing samples of the product to places where potential clients would most likely be located such as gyms, yoga studios, dance studios, fitness centers, etc. I would use $2,000 of my budget for this because there is no better way to get someone to like something than by giving them a sample of it. About $1,000 of that portion could go towards buying drink dispensers, ingredients, and cups to bring to said places. A large glass drink dispenser costs $19.99 plus tax, thus I could invest in 45 nice, BPA free glass drink dispenser in which to distribute our sample product. The remaining $4,000 would go towards ingredients. I would use PRIMO purified water, filling your own container through this company costs only 40 cents a gallon. If we have 45 1.5 gallon dispensers and we want to be able to fill each twice I will still only spend $54 dollars on water. And for the purpose of this report I will say $200 on oranges, $400 on lemons, $200 on recyclable cups, and the remainder on honey and other optional sweeteners. I am still left with $8,000 out of which $4,000 would go to ensuring that the lemonade stand promotes itself. If my business setting is not up to par with what I claim my product to be then it will not be inviting to potential customers. And the final $4,000 I would put mostly towards promotional merchandise of which 100% of the profit would be donated to one of 3 charities that the customers can vote on at the time of purchase. Only $500 would go towards posters and other visual advertising. and You...

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