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Business Analysis Part I

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Business Analysis Part I
February 20, 2012
Dr. Marie J. Abram

Business Analysis Part I
A mutual fund manager is someone who is specifically trained in the finance industry to invest other people’s money and deliver a return of investment. As a mutual fund manager, one must conduct thorough analysis to determine which investments are most advantageous. As a mutual fund manager, clients pay you a fee for the opportunity to make wiser investment choices by using an expert in the field. As the general public has a lack of overall knowledge in relation to investments, they rely on a mutual fund manager to invest their money in the most efficient manner. This may require extensive ...view middle of the document...

The late Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak began Apple Computer as a company aiming to be the sophistication in the PC industry. After almost going bankrupt in 1996, Jobs recreated the brand and its image and renamed the company Apple Inc (Linzmayer, 1999). The company’s innovation would lead to technology advances in non PC products and even earned the company a ranking among the top PC venders and mobile device companies by 2009 (Apple, 2012). Based on the company’s innovation and current standings, it would appear to be a wise investment choice. More facts are available if one should need further persuasion.
Currently, Apple operates over 300 retail locations (globally) along with its online store (Spence, 2010). Apple is considered the most valuable technology company within its industry (Spence, 2010). Many attribute Apple’s success to the release of its smart phone (iPhone) and its PC tablet (iPad). Based on those two products alone, many agree that Apple has successfully taken over its market. With the release of the iPhone, it was reported that all major mobile phone companies lost market share due to the iPhone’s demand. The demand for Apple’s products is a global event. The company has shared success in developed and developing regions alike (Apple, 2012).
Although the trend would indicate that Apple is on a continuous rise, it is wise to conduct further analysis when determining to invest. A popular business analysis is known as a SWOT analysis. This is a chance to look at the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The strengths and weaknesses are internal components while the opportunities and threats are external factors (Kokemuller, 2011). The SWOT analysis will point out competitive disadvantages and also show any advantages over the competitors. Another important component of the analysis is researching potential untapped markets or missed business opportunities while acknowledging external factors that may impact business negatively (Kokemuller, 2011).
Apple, Inc has several strengths; therefore, it is important to identify the true factors that have the greatest impact on business. A major strength for the company is its brand recognition. The company has a globally recognized name and logo. The company benefits from ground-breaking, high-tech, quality products. The company’s products make Apple a notable leader in its industry. Apple’s products include hardware, software, services, and features. In addition, due to its technological advances, the customer base for Apple is well established. The customers now desire the “Apple experience” based on the unique features offered. The features are so popular that the company increases revenue by selling the applications to other software developers. Another strength is the research and development department. This component t of the company is committed to always delivering quality products that meet the demand of its customers. An unforgettable...

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