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Businesses today continue to strive and grow in the industry to keep up with the never ending changes in the business they need the tools to obtain information that can be used to make decisions for the business. The decisions to make in a business can consist of knowing what geographic region to focus on, which product lines to expand, and what markets to strengthen in the industry. To obtain the type of information that has the proper content and format that can assist with strategic decisions they turned to data warehousing. It became the new paradigm intended specifically for vital strategic information.
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The characteristics of strategic information must be integrated, data integrity, accessible, credible, and timely.
The development of decision support systems are to obtain strategic information out of a database, and to provide strategic information.
A pharmaceutical business will benefit from the use of data warehousing to analyze metrics and sales. It will provide the facts to how to improve and increase customer sales. It will provide away to show customers how they will benefit from having their prescriptions for medications filled at our store or mail order facility. It will also provide marketing strategies for the business to understand who to will benefit from the services and the region to target customers. Creating this ability of facts and metrics the business will need to determine the type of data warehousing that will benefit the reports of data needed.
In the design decision stage the items that need to be considered are choosing the process, choosing the grain, conforming and identifying the dimensions, choosing the facts, and choosing the duration of the database. Choosing the process is to select the subjects from the information items for the first set of logical structures to be designed. Choosing the grain is to determine the level of detail for the data in the data structures. Choosing the dimensions in this case would be products that sale, marketing strategies, market targets, medication prescribed, and targeted regions in the first set of structures and to ensure that each data element is conformed to each other. Choosing the facts is to select the metrics or units of measurement to include in the first set of structures. The duration choice is to determine how far back in time to go for historical data. For a pharmaceutical company we need to be able to obtain reports with metrics, business dimensions, and attributes for each of the business dimensions. The metrics needed for the fact analysis are:
Prescription filled usage
Daily order filled by state
Prescription fill per year
Online orders
Walk In orders
Each of these items are facts or measurements of information needed for the business to determine how to increase sales and customers for the business. The prescriptions filled usage will provide an actual fact of what medications is being sold, the dally order filled by state will provide what location is getting the...

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