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Managers and Management
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Who Are Managers? Where Do They Work?
• Organization
– A deliberate arrangement of people brought together to accomplish a specific purpose.

• Common Characteristics of Organizations
– Distinct purpose – People working together – A deliberate systematic structure

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How Are Managers Different from Nonmanagerial Employees? • Nonmanagerial Employees
– People who work directly on a job or task and have no responsibility for ...view middle of the document...


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What Do Managers Do?
In the functions approach proposed by French industrialist Henri Fayol, all managers perform certain activities or functions

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Four Management Functions
• Planning
– Defining the organizational purpose and ways to achieve it

• Organizing
– Arranging and structuring work to accomplish organizational goals

• Leading
– Directing the work activities of others

• Controlling
– Monitoring, comparing, and correcting work performance
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What Roles Do Managers Play?
Henry Mintzberg observed that a manager’s job can be described by ten roles performed by managers in three general categories

• Interpersonal Roles
– Figurehead, Leader, and Liaison

• Informational Roles
– Monitor, Disseminator and Spokesperson

• Decisional roles
– Entrepreneur, Disturbance Handler, Resource Allocator and Negotiator
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What Skills Do Managers Need?
Robert Katz and others describe four critical skills in managing

• Conceptual Skills
– Used to analyze complex situations

• Interpersonal Skills
– Used to communicate, motivate, mentor and delegate

• Technical Skills
– Based on specialized knowledge required for work

• Political Skills
– Used to build a power base and establish connections
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Is The Manager’s Job Universal?
The previous discussion describe management as a generic activity. In reality, a manager’s job varies with along several dimensions

• Level in the Organization
– Top level managers do more planning than supervisors

• Profit vs. Nonprofit
– Management performance is measured on different objectives
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Why Study Management?
• All of us have a vested interest in improving the way organizations are managed • Organizations that are well managed find ways to prosper even in challenging economic times • After graduation most students become managers or are managed
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What Can Students of Management Learn From Other Courses?
• Anthropology
– The study of social societies which helps us learn about humans and their activities

• Economics
– Provides us with an understanding of the changing economy and competition in a global context

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