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Business And Society Essay

1611 words - 7 pages

MGT 3110

Business and Society 2010/11

Coursework I Application of ethical theory to a case study vignette

Introduction 3
Identification of Ethical Issues and Stakeholders 3
Utilitarianism Ethic Theory 5
Postmodern Ethic Theory 5
Personal Reflection 7
Reference 8


According to the given four case studies I have select case study four to evaluate which is about Moyuka Car Company. Sam joined to MoyukaCompany one year ago as a product quality tester one of the best-selling model in this company. Sam received a report about the model’s he’s testing have a problem with the accelerating pedal. So he concern this issue as a safety issue of the ...view middle of the document...

* Customer: They have clear right to get a superior ride and safety for their money which they pay for the car.
* Employee: They have the right to report about the problems about the safety and quality about the product if they found out something.
* Senior Management: They have to disregard the matter if it happens on a very few cars considering it as a quality problem rather than recalling the model and facing for a finance difficulties and loosing profit.
To clarify this case study I will use two main ethical theories, which are explain below:
Utilitarianism Ethics Theory

As Andrew Crane explains and Dirk Matten explain “Utilitarianism is an action is morally right if its results in the greatest amount of goods for the greatest amount of people affected by the action.’’(Ref: Andrew Crane and Dirk Matten, page 101)
Utilitarianism theory is also named as “great happiness principle’’ too reason to naming this theory as happiness principle is it doesn’t evaluate individual involvement for a situation, it always focus on collective welfare that produced by a certain decision.
According to the Sam’s report he only got few reports about the faulty isolated acceleration pedal comparing to the vast number of production on that popular brand. The report which is prepared by Sam’s line manager was reviewed by the senior management, As the company wise the senior management make a decision to disregard this matter as it’s a very few number of isolated pedal cars comparing how much they have manufactured on that leading brand car.
Its more time consuming for the company as the company have to offer a dedicated service to the customers who are coming from all over the globe and have to use the current labour which the Moyuka Company have for repairing, servicing or diagnose the isolate pedals problem. Because if the company try to recruit more labour for this particular diagnoses purpose it will be an extra budget for company account.
Also company wise, if the Moyuka Company start to recall that particular brand for inspection it will be an enormous financial consequence and a bad reputation for that best-selling model and for the company name too because of this few isolated pedal problem.
Second theory which application for this case study is

Postmodern Ethic Theory

As Andrew Crane explains and Dirk Matten explains “postmodern ethics is an approach that locates morality beyond the sphere of rationality in an emotional ‘moral impulse’ towards others. It encourage individual actors to question everyday practices and rules, and to listen to and follow their emotion, inner conviction, and ‘gut feeling’ about what they think is right and wrong in a particular situation.’’(Ref: Andrew Crane and Dirk Matten, page115)
Postmodern theory mostly subjective to the emotional beliefs that human judgment then is a gut feeling more than anything else.
According to the case study Sam believe that this is not a quality wise problem and...

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