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Business Case For Hr Self Service Systems

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Business Case for HR Self Service Systems

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 3
Project Overview 3
Business Case for Proposed Project 4
Conclusion 5
References 5

Executive Summary

This paper addresses the business case for implementing self service in the IT industry with the aim of gaining higher efficiency for a majority of HR functions and other benefits that can be derived from improved information access. The paper also discusses the various challenges an organization might face while attempting to implement self-service.

The business case for self service revolves around reducing administrative costs and gaining better efficiency. It also aims at improving ...view middle of the document...

The aim of self-service is to eliminate any administrative bureaucracy from the HR department by providing access to the managers and employees the systems and provisions that were accessible only by HR personnel. By implementing self-service, the employees can make changes to details such as change of address, bank details or anything else through a secure portal online. This eliminates the administrative overhead for the HR department and can also reduce any chances for errors.

This type of system is widely accepted today as majority of the employees have grown in an environment dominated by easy access to information every where. In such an era, the idea of filing paper forms and waiting a prolonged period for the changes to take effect is not acceptable. As a result, the capability of these HR self-service systems now offer a wide range of services from viewing outstanding leaves to instant access to payslips to applying to applying for an internal vacancy online. Self-service once introduced, can quickly become an integral part of the day-to-day activities in an organization. As a result, self-service evolves as an effective tool for people management, enhances the capabilities and efficiency of the HR while also generating an intelligent workforce.

Business Case for Proposed Project

← Financial value analysis

The cost reduction from implementing self-service system can be derived from several sources. One of the major areas where cost can be reduced involves the elimination of data processing time. Using self-service systems employees can directly enter their data to the central HR system and any paper work is eliminated. This results in fewer errors and also less data processing on the part of HR.

Cost reduction can also be achieved through standardizing and streamlining the HR procedures. The various departments in an organization employ different methods to gather information for the HR department. This results in a lot of paper work that could be easily misplaced and different methods can also translate into inefficiencies. Through a self-service system, this can be avoided and a standard procedure and data consistency can be established resulting in higher efficiency and productivity while keeping the costs low.

← Non-financial value analysis

While reducing the costs is the primary aim of a self-service system, there are other long term benefits in implementing self-service system. A self-service HR system helps in improving and streamlining the core HR functions such as people management. Automation helps in generating...

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