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Business Comm Proposal Essay

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1992 S Oxford Dr
Angelo, TX 76908

November 1 2013

Josh Wilson, Director
Community Health Club
3336 W Loop 306
San Angelo, TX 76904

Dear Mr. Wilson:

I have been a member of Community Health Club for over 6 months, and I have found that swimming laps every morning is a great way to not only stay in shape, but also a great way to reflect and focus for the day ahead. Unfortunately, in order to attain the peaceful experience every morning, I must arrive early enough to beat the rest of the members to the pool, or I risk sitting around waiting for a lane to open up. The issue not having a pool large enough to accommodate all of the members is not only a problem of ...view middle of the document...

Because of this, Community Health Club is known for the most cutting edge equipment for rehabilitation and exercise, and the cardio and free-weight areas have been upgraded to maintain this level of excellence. However the pool area is lacking this “top rated” status. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise, with many benefits such as improving heart health, flexibility, asthma symptoms, as well as being a low stress activity, which makes it easier for elderly and obese individuals (Discovery Health). With all of the benefits swimming can have, any facility wishing to be highly rated should have a pool large enough to provide these benefits to it’s members, no matter the time. Increasing the pool size can also gives Community the chance to offer more times for patient rehabilitation, without cutting into other members free swim time. This leads me to the next area of benefits.

Increases Member Satisfaction
As I stated in the introduction, finding a time in which the pool is open, and I have no other responsibilities, such as work or attending class, is very difficult. As a paying member of Community Health Club, I expect to be able to use the facilities whenever I have free time, and I feel the facility is successful in providing space for me and the other members in all areas, except that of the pool area. Increasing the size of the pool can allow classes to be in action as well as providing enough space for people not attending the class to swim laps. This can also allow new types of classes to be offered, because the opportunity for free swim will still be available while they are in session. With an increase in class variety, class times, as well as freedom for free swim throughout the day without a wait club members will see an increase in satisfaction, leading to a happier, healthier environment. When members are happy and improved facilities are provided, Community Health Club could see new members, and would be able to increase membership fees with less resistance. This leads me to the final and most important benefit.

Increased Revenue Opportunities
Considering the schedule of fitness classes in the pool as well as the size of the pool, it is very difficult to find rental opportunities worth hosting. Many parties looking to rent a pool for an event will prefer a larger pool that can hold all of its guests. Therefore, the pools located at ASU, or the YMCA are more likely to be rented than that of Community Health Club. Not only does a larger pool increase the pools chances of being rented, but it also allows an increase in the rental rate. According to USA Swimming, a 6-lane, 25 yard pool (which is 3 lanes larger than that of Community Health Club’s pool), is rented, on average at $84.00/hour. When looking at an Olympic Size pool (8-lane, 50 meters) the average rental rate jumps to $200.00/hour. When looking at a daily rental, the Olympic size pool makes over $1,000.00 more than its smaller counterpart (Which is still larger...

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