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Business Communications Essay

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Diversity is buzz word today and diversity in contemporary business environment is the cultural diversity brought about by a globally diverse workforce. Diverse workforce is an important challenge faced by organization and diversity has become nomenclature of firms and their management. Diversity at workplace referrers to women, old workers, students, interns or disabled workers are part of workforce today. Apart from physically feature characterized work force work place is also dominated by culturally diverse work force. Several organizations recruit diverse work force to corm their philosophy of altruism. A diverse workforce helps the firm to innovate and to expand into new ...view middle of the document...

Leadership is defined as “the movement, taking the organization or some part of it in a new direction, solving problems, being creative, initiating new programs, building organizational structures, and improving quality” (Eddy & VanDerLinden 2006). It has been described that a successful organization cannot separate itself from the leaders and team which are responsible for its growth and success. In an organizational setting, leadership is about getting things done through the effort of other people (Mullins 2010).
According to Warren Bennis, founder of the Leadership Institute at the University of Southern California, “Managers do things right, but leaders do the right thing” (Davidson 2012). The business revolutionaries like Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Bill Gates, Richard Branson or Sergey Brin did the right things in term to mark their presence globally. These leaders always took the initiative and perform the right action at the right course of time.
Leaders to achieve their goals they always need to think big and work upon to make their vision a reality. Apart from vision leaders practice in the world of innovation and innovate new market and dimension where the growth of business takes at unstoppable height. The leaders have to be imaginative and the inventions they practice are from their imagination only.
Specifically it can be presumed the leaders need to be the collaborative who can deliver results across the global workplace. The basic traits of collaborative leader need to be have intelligent intellectual and presence of mind and which justifies his acuteness to doing things right. Also need to have passion for a cause and futuristic about his venture. The person behind the the CEO Marc Benioff, devised the collaborative leadership mechanism which helped his company to deliver result in common room and devised a application similar to face book known as Chatter this application gave the empowerment to the employees of the company to share their information and ideas. This application helps to keep the track record of colleagues and clients internally. This application has helped Beninoff in a way as he can interact with its employees in fashion that they are in a informal way and discussing their views and performances. This application has also brought top management level close to workforce where they can identify potential of their employees. If any meeting takes place that meeting is not under the closed doors it is being viewed by all the 5,000 employees of the company virtually. Employees can mark their attendance and express their views via Chatter.
Hence, This Blog writing exposed the substantial role of frontrunner to driving the team to reach the business duty that the leading strategic is equilibrium and equally is the fundamental part for the group inventiveness as the team with various memberships.

Barbuto, JE 1997, ‘Taking the...

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